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Is there any way to collect the emails of any facebook group member?
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    Create an opt-in page, give them a freebie and ask them to sign up.

    Or are you looking for sneaky ways to collect their e-mail addresses?
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    There are programs that claim to be able to collect the email addresses of FB groups.

    I purchased one to see if it would really work. I ran it against my own group and none of the address that it collected were the email addresses that I had for members. It didn't collect emails for all members and many were just screen-name@gmail / screen-name@hotmail and often included both for a member.

    I got a refund.
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    Best way to do it without spamming folks; provide value aka help a bunch of folks in groups, they dig your help, visit your blog and sign up for your list.

    This passive method also boosts your traffic and sales in the short term too, like an awesome 3 headed monster - list and sales and traffic booster - all for serving people in Facebook Groups.

    As for any spammy collection methods, avoid them like the plague. If someone doesn't volunteer their email address willingly, you wade into unclear, spammy waters, which you never ever want to do.

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    You can get a software called facebook email extractor
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