Will you open an email if you'll see that it is on promotions tab on Gmail after your registration?

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Hello guys, I use the free MailChimp account for my test project, I capture emails of potential customers on my landing page and then send them a free 3 day mini-course. However, now the question is, I have noticed that the clients who use the Gmail account very rarely open letters after the subscription. I also noticed that my emails fall into the promotions tab on Gmail. Is this the main reason? Maybe is there some filter? I wonder would you open a letter if after registration and checking your mail you would see that the letter with your trial lesson is in the promotions folder? As for me, I would open but it seems other people think differently. Thanks
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    Please share your opinion. I see that here are views but without any answers. Your thoughts are really important.Thank you for your time!
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    It doesn't matter to me which tab it shows up on, as long as I want to read the email.

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    I agree with Mark. Many emails show up in the promotions tab....but if the content is of interest to me I'll read it.

    I DID subscribe in the first place so obviously something got me interested in the first place.

    The worse thing that can happen is that you see an email and you've completely forgotten who it is and what they offer. They didn't do too good a job of 'engaging' with you??

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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      Thank you for the answer! Yes, actually not too good and I can't get the reason. My thoughts are the same as yours. It's my first campaign so I thought that maybe I am getting wrong with this. I'm using PPC to get the traffic to my landing page. In a report on Mailchimp I see that the subscribers who use gmail have the low open rate, it's not after couple emails, it's right from the start. Literally, they entered their email on my landing page and that's all, no activity after that... You'll open "familiar emails" but if this is your first engaging with a business?
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    Why not copy paste your confirmation e-mail here so that we can take a look at it?

    This way we might be able to point out improvements on your copy.
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      Hi, it will be better if you can see the whole process and say what do you think.
      The link is http://new-pianoforall.com I'll delete all subscriptions don't worry or you can unsubscribe easy on your own. Or even better send me a message here with your email for spam and freebie and I'll send this three emails to take a look. Thanks in any case for answers.

      Here is the first email

      Hi, here's Day 1 of the Free 3 Day Mini Course


      Thank you for registering for Pianoforall the first free lessons!

      Discover*the secrets of people who can sit down at a piano
      * * * * * * * and effortlessly play any song in any style!

      P.S.*Use e-books and video tutorials along with your gadgets. Set*a device on the piano and find out how easy the learning process can be!

      Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Style Piano
      Here's page 1-12 of "Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Piano"


      Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Style Piano


      We are constantly working to improve your experience with Pianoforall with updates. Do you like our new website? Give your evaluation and send your comments which one do you like more or report us if you had difficulties.*Simple click on the image to look, it's clickable.

      ATTENTION* we will be closing this offer soon!!!
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    I never read the promotion emails, i dont know but i'm being blind to all kind of promotions..
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    I would open it if the email shows something of my interest. So make sure you target the right audience.
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    90% People generally don't read mails on Gmail tab.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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  • I will read the mail if it is important no matter in which tab it is. I always ignore spam emails.
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    If I've just sign up for something then yes I'll read my gmail's promo tab so I can find it, but after that generally not.

    This is because I auto tag my favorite subscriptions so it goes into another folder and there is no reason for me to look in the promo tab.
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