Do I Need A Blog or Website?

by alexto
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I am new to email marketing and am wondering aside from hosting, domain and a squeeze page to capture leads, do I need to have a blog or website? I was thinking of sending the list valuable content through email and then offer product promotion. Is this a reasonable thing to do?

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    Now days Blog and Websites are pretty interchangeable. Having developed websites (Yes HTML PHP JSP "the works") for the past 20 years I can honestly say I would go with a WordPress set up. It is very quick to setup, produce posts, landing pages and other content items that an email marketer needs.
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      Thanks for your reply. I was thinking its not a good idea to point them to my website because it does not exist at the moment. And if I set one up it'll be "thin" which may diminish my authority even though I do have a couple of years expertise in the niche. I guess even a Wordpress site with 5 articles can look "aged".
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    Ya especially if you get a recycled domain that has good authority.
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    I think it's definitely a good idea to have your own blog or website for the reason of building your brand and reputation. You don't have to have tons of content on your blog overnight, it just looks best in my opinion to have a domain that's that will eventually become your blog as well.

    For example, when you go to promote something on FB, whether through FB groups or FB ads, I think you build trust and good reputation with your traffic if the link you're sending them to is and not a random link like stuff. not knocking, just prefer using my own domain for the purpose of building good brand, trust, authority, and good reputation.
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    Hi Alexto,

    That great that you want to send your list value "valuable content through email" you seem to have the right attitude for long term success with you subscribers.

    I'd consider setting up a blog with posts that that provided value for your subscribers in your niche and then send your list to your blog posts/videos etc... letting your content do the selling.

    Just to be clear by value what I mean is: if you send your subscribers to a blog post and they can learn something new that helps them without needing to buying anything then that's value. Buying your product or via your affiliate link should further enhance what they already have learned.
    For example: here a video on how to set you a wordpress blog and here's the link to the hosting I use "promo link to your hosting"
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