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When promoting a product to your list, how would you go about setting up the overall process of promoting. What I mean is you only have but so many products on clickbank, and Im sure not all products are good products to promote.

So what do you do after, say the first 3 products ou promote to your subscriber. Also, say you're in the health and fitness community, and you promote a product on losing weight.

And you begin to promote a product on such topic, and you finally make a sale to Susan. What else would you promote to Susan, as she already got the weight loss product she sought out for ?

Wouldnt this whole email marketing thing become one big thing of trying to get new people who haven't bought, let's say, that weight loss product to opt in to your list ?

Im confused, any help would be appreciated.
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    LoL, when did Clickbank become the only place where you can promote products from???
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      instead of laughing, why dont you just give some other options and advice on places where I could promote from.
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    People in the weight loss market buy lots of different products. It does not follow that the first product that they try will work for them. Equally a lot of people in the make money online market buy lots of products.
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    Do what would you consider a great routine of products to promote in that industry ? Say you promote a cardio workout program to Susy, based on the prediction that her goal is to lost weight. What would be the next sequence of products to promote to Susy, if said cardio workout did not reach her expectations. Surely it wouldnt be another workout program, as you already tried promoting her that type of product already
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    You need to segment your list according the interest of the subscribers. Otherwise you will lose subscribers very fast.

    Whenever you send emails you can use your email signature with other products. For example you are promoting a fitness product, you can use signature to promote nutrition, clothes, medicines, yoga, weight gainers, sport event tickets, even flight and hotel booking to sport events.

    If you are promoting entirely different product, you may put a line and link"hey, I have a new product I thought your family members or friends may be interested in. If you like please share it. Otherwise simply ignore and pardon me"
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    "What I mean is you only have but so many products on clickbank, and Im sure not all products are good products to promote. "

    For starters, if it's not clear whether the products you promote are good or crap, you're doing yourself and (most importantly) your list a huge disservice.

    Imagine them buying a mediocre product. They'll refund it instantly and they'll never buy something from you. Then, offer sequence will be the least of your worries.

    As for what to promote next, I would personally look into a continuity based product or service. If you're in the health niche, I would find a supplement that pays me anytime my list re-orders.

    Do you suffer from "low open-rates" disease? If so, check this: conversiongains.com

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    It's easy to sell the 2nd product to a satisfied client. Apart from Clickbank products, try selling other products too to the same client.
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    I focus on long term rather than trying to sell.

    I send my subscribers to blog post/videos that provide value and helps them learn something new and link to a relevant affiliate product. If they don't buy anything then they will still leave learning something new and will also likely check out your next emails because they know they'll get value from you, which in turn gives you more chances to get sales.

    For example: "here is a video on how to build 6 pack abs without gym...and here is a link to the protein powder I use after my work out etc..." So your "selling" your free video not your product, your product only helps them increase their value/results. Even if they don't buy anything they'll leaving learning something new and will probably check out your next emails for more value giving you yet another chance at sales.
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