Gmail and Hotmail Emails Not Even Getting Into Junk/Spam Folders Let Alone Inbox

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Hi Guys

Im having serious issues with hotmail and gmail. The emails I send are not even hitting junk folders and I'm getting 100% soft bounce rates.

I use mail-tester and my scores are always almost perfect and we're not blacklisted anywhere. I use SendinBlue as my mail client.

I'm not an expert in this by any means and am really at a loss as where to start. All guides that I can find are about getting your email out of the junk/spam folder, but as mentioned, I'm not even hitting these. They're just not getting through at all. Here is a screen shot

Can anyone help? Thanks
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    Deliverability or inbox placement rate is kinda complicated. Gmail and Microsoft spam filter are smart. they use many factors to determine where to put your email. Sometime content of you message(Subject, Body, From name/email and urls) can effect your placement. mainly good contents+good reputation=inbox.

    Since you are using SendinBlue you should contact them and they will offer further guidance to improve your inbox rates. before you do! send some test emails (change from email and name, send txt content with no urls or flagged keyword) to your gmail and microsoft accounts and see. if them msg still getting in junk folder - contact SendinBlue

    You always can ask your subscribers to bookmark your contact details to receive further msg to their inbox. in a long term this will help.
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      At the moment, emails to Hotmail or Gmail are not even making it into the junk/spam folder though. They are not be delivered at all.
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        Originally Posted by SeanIsElectric2 View Post

        At the moment, emails to Hotmail or Gmail are not even making it into the junk/spam folder though. They are not be delivered at all.
        I would contact SendinBlue, as it sounds like a problem on their end.

        All that mail-tester checks your message with is SpamAssassin. None of the big providers use it. So it can easily say you are good when you're not.
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    Only a top list of subscribers email is not only enough in the email marketing, we have need to know it's working or not, any server error and much more. As per attached images is not opening and it's the error of subscriber server not you.
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