i have 1,3 milion email

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    It's probably a pretty good start! What do you plan on doing with them? Newsletter?
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    Did they sign up for your emails, through your blog, based on the value you offered them?

    Or did you buy these email subscribers?

    Important question because if you attracted them through your blog or site, they are more qualified aka targeted aka willing to click.

    But if someone handed you - or you bought - 1.3 million numbers, you will be a stranger to them, and will have some work to do to add value to their lives, to solve problems, and to gain their trust.

    1 key point: 1.3 million emails is a number, an inanimate object. Focus more on the human beings who happen to be subscribers on that list, and building bonds with them by offering free and premium value with your blog posts, videos and newsletters.
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    It's enough.. you can start easily..
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    It's a pretty nice figure. You should start the email mrketing asap. Hope you'll get the desired results.
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    How old is your list?
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    less than a year
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    Great New Database, You can start with email marketing. Email List is very important for successful email marketing activity.

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    Clean and test a small portion of the data and see how it performs / if you have any problems with the data....complaints, blacklistings, blocking.
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    thank you 100% I will listen to your advise
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    probably you start your email marketing carieer
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    Re-introduce your app again to them through your email. Here's what I would do:

    If you are just starting your email marketing campaign, your first email would be a re-introduction of how they became part of your newsletter.

    The second email (after 24 hours of the first email), bring them a bit more value - more info about the functions of your app, or some insights about your field (medicine), or anything you think that can be of help to your users.

    The third email (24 hours after the second email), give them again another jampacked email of useful info - no offers yet! But you can hint a bit of the product/service that you would want to sell to them.

    Fourth email - here's where you can fully open up about your offer. You can give a detailed explanation through the email, or give them a link to a landing page with a VSL (video sales letter) - here's where you can add in a Facebook pixel and Google Adwords tracking, so you can re-market to them later through multiple channels.

    Good luck with your email marketing journey!
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    Absolutely. Great Idea actually!

    First of all. if list older than 6 months - you probably should clean it out through a list hygiene software. from invalid users, known traps, bad emails ..etc

    Next step 1.3m is a huge volume you d want to split it to smaller lists and lower volume.
    Find an Email Service Provider or SMTP relay or you won SMTP and start communicating with them!

    If you got your own product in the niche the list opted in or at least related to it. send them marketing emails and convert them to paying costumers. or simply promote other people product - affiliate marketing.

    Medical not sure. but before getting autoresponder make sure they allow your business module.
    not many ESP accept pharmaceutical related niches.

    Happy mailing.
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    hey ya'll, this is really a lot, but you s should know what to do with it just, this is a big step forward!
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    short answer: yes.

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    It's a really decent figure. You should begin the email mrketing asap. Expectation you'll get the coveted outcomes.
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    How long does it take to you have 1,3 milion email?
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    I agree with some of the posts above as to:

    first, verify and clean these emails ..
    i use a service : email-verify.my-addr.com/

    they are very cheap and fast.

    Re-activate them and send a warm message
    reminding them how you obtained their
    email add and explain what your plans are
    and how you intend on helping them out..

    as for the rest, totally agree with Mike Wagan
    above as that method will keep your list
    highly targeted and responsive.


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    You should be emailing from the first subscriber so yes get started.

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    What do you plan on doing with them? Newsletter? - this will be the best idea to do with so much email accounts. You might also sell them to people which are looking for.
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    That's a huge list!

    I'd suggest cleaning it first - you can utilize a 3rd party service to run your list through to remove any spam traps and invalid email addresses.

    With a list that large, it would be helpful to segment it based on behaviours or interests; that way you're only sending relevant content to each recipient.

    You'll also want to only work with an email sending platform that can handle large-volume sending. And assuming that your list is cold - you'll want to ensure the platform allows sending to cold contacts.
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    You can also start with first 5% from the list. Then monitor the feedback and bounce because your start growing to 20%, 50% and 100% of the list.

    It can help you to see the problem with your email address list, ESP and contents.
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    Firstly congrats on you big list.

    I'd clean the list before doing any marketing.

    A year without emailing your subscribers is a long time so they probably would not remember you, for that reason I'd start with sending 1-3 emails about who you are and your app to refresh their memory.

    You said it's in the medical field niche, so I'd send them value related to this niche (articles, videos, ebooks etc..) and then segment those that click your emails. I do this over say 1-3 months and then I'd just email only those that are active because a.) there is no point in emailing inactive subscribers b.) if you do it can also hurt you deliver ability rate).
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    Congrats on the big list.

    If I would be you, I will do

    1. Clean it first.

    2. Reintroduce me with a graphic, a small one.

    3. Start educating them, not with the content, just with a graphic.

    Whatever e-mail I send after this, I will make sure that I am not re-doing what all other e-mail marketers do, because when I am getting such e-mails, I simply click the delete button. But always graphics works and I do keep an eye on them.

    There is a reason for this, just think about FB, Instagram, Pinterest and all other picture/graphic related platforms. People do go through this because they love it and ofcourse when I am getting such an e-mail, ofcourse I will delete it if that's not meant to me, but I do remember the graphics atleast for sometime.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I find it odd that you have a list that size and you have not yet started any email marketing.

    This forum is a great place to learn about email marketing. Use the search feature to research. That method will prove to be far superior to just posting a question.

    Some of the advise above sounds very good such as cleaning the list and starting with a re-introduction email with follow-ups.

    You should dovery well if you do your research.
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    It's a great way to start email marketing. You already have people interested in your app which is why they registered with their email. This means that the traffic is willing to click and convert if you'll offer them something of value here.

    Start by creating strong email campaigns. If you don't know how to get it done, read it and learn or hire someone to do it for you. You can very easily get the desired conversion with this number here.
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