Does giving away a free report or mini-book still work?

by ncloud
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Does giving away a free report or mini-book still work to get people to sign up to your list? Or are people starting to lose interest in this kind of bait?

I have a mini book that is about 30 pages long. It is called "Build The Ultimate Survival Kit". I figured people would be interested in it because there is so many videos on Youtube on the subject, but maybe I'm wrong. I have ran ads on the google display network but I can't seem to get any conversions or sign ups. I can get clicks, but nobody signs up to get the book.

Do you think people are just not interested in reading about this particular subject or does free reports and mini-books just not work so well these days?
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    I think in certain circumstances this strategy can work, but I think it only works when you have really targeted traffic to begin with.

    I have never been of the mindset of giving something away for free. When I send a message, I always want to be trying to convert the user.

    I know this strategy goes against what many people in this forum will tell you, ex. Build a relationship with the list, etc.

    Because my business is built around a constant supply of contacts with the users and constantly updating and growing our lists, I always want to be monetizing the users from that list.

    I guess it comes down to personal preference and if it works for your niche with your traffic.
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    It does work but not as well as it used to. ProducerK is right, you need to target a very specific audience and not go to broad. He is also going after buyers and not freebie seekers which is a smart thing to do.

    You might want to make your free offer much more specific and unique. "Build The Ultimate Survival Kit" could be the name of a thousand different blog posts. Think of something enticing that answers a very specific need. You can also make it shorter, like 8-10 pages, or a checklist, or a cheatsheet, those are very popular.

    I think leadmagnets are still a great idea and work very well if you do them right. Look at some leadmagnets from your top competitors to get some ideas of whats working.

    I hope this helps and good luck.
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    I can't seem to find any landing page examples from my competitors. I search things in google to find an ad, but the only ads I find are for physical products. It looks to me like google has really cut down on ads. It doesn't show any ads in the right side of the page, and only occasionally an ad at the top of the page - which always turns out to be for a physical product. It's very frustrating because I can't figure out what my competitors are doing with their landing pages.
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    It still works. My simple checklist has a good conversion rate. but i know my audience.

    I think your lead magnet has a good topic too it. make sure you're targeting people who would be into outdoor brands, and people that like outdoor store brands (If you're using Facebook ads as well)

    Hope it helps!
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