Do images hurt deliverability?

by Leon74
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Hi there

I am grateful for the feedback and advice I got on my previous posts.

Which leads me to this question:

Do you send emails with pictures or text-only?

Would you advice against putting images in email campaigns?
Is there any evidence to back it up?

If not, what are some best practices?

Is it an all-or-nothing kind of thing? Is there a third option (yes, images, but...)?

I try to use 1-3 pictures and I feel they are important, for example to entice people to buy, or to backup whatever story I am telling.

Though lately I have noticed that

- leading bloggers and people that are doing quite well with email marketing send me text-only emails

- a popular ESP I am eyeballing hasn't templates at all

Thank you in advance
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    Images are always going to hurt delivery.
    The next thing that will hurt delivery is links.
    From there, content and spam trigger words will continue to hurt delivery.
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    Gmail is probably 50% or more of anyone's list.

    The only messages that make it to my Gmail inbox are messages without images. Everything else ends up in the promotions tab.

    I send text-only messages, but use HTML and have hyperlinks and the 1x1 tracking pixel (image) doesn't effect inboxing.

    This is not an issue for me because what I promote doesn't require images. There are a few times when I do send an image in the message, but I create a link to it instead of making it inline.

    Other providers don't have a promotions tab and can make it into the inbox.

    The best way to know for sure is to test. Set up a bunch of seed accounts and send your message to them and test its inbox placement.
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    I send images here and there but usually go with text online. Testing is one way to figure out how your emails are being delivered, but going text only and not being too link happy is likely the best way to go.
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    Forget what 'leading bloggers' are telling you....they have their own agendas.

    Send out 2 emails one with images one without but leave everything else alone
    including all the content and headline.

    When you've got the results you can be one of those leading bloggers
    and tell everybody...hey you are totally wrong in your assumptions I know
    because instead of asking pointless questions on a well known IM forum
    I actually took control of my own life, relied on nobody else and tested it
    and here are the results.

    phewww....was that a mini-rant I just did there?

    So now you'll have some genuine real knowledge about this business
    and you'll become a respected marketer who knows their stuff,,,,and you've just
    become an authority (well at least on this subject in your niche)

    How good will you feel when you've contributed your results back
    into the forum.

    'Aint life great!

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Test it. That's the only way for you to know if your messages are getting through to your prospective clients. From my own experience, those with large images go to my spam mail whilst those with text only or with smaller images go straight to my inbox.
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    Having an imbalanced ratio of image to text can flag spam filters.

    It's important not to have too many images within an email.

    Email deliverability is essential to a successful email campaign - Clickback's blog has some recent posts about how to improve your email deliverability - feel free to check it out.
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    Definitely text email is better on deliverability and overall your ROI. as @katie said balance image to text ratio.if you have to include images. use clean not blacklisted URL when you link your img to email HTML. not all extension are accepted.

    most importantly use a seed list to A/B test deliverability.
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    I'll be happy to help on this.

    Here's the REAL DEAL about this stuff.

    Images won't hurt your delivery if you do it right.

    When a prospect signs up to your list the first email should be your welcome email.

    This email should be just text-based at first. And it should show them to whitelist your email address.

    So no matter what you send them (pictures, links, etc.) It will always go straight to their inbox.

    If you'd like to see how this should look I'll be happy to send you the link to my ThankYou Page that shows how I do this just send me a PM (personal message) because I won't post links here, don't want to break any rules

    Hope this helps...
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    In Gmail specially it would end up in Promotions Tab. As most of the ecommerce website uses Images To Promote their products.

    The best Deliverablity is with Text Emails with Links
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