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Hi there!

I have a list of 1.200 subscribers.
I have been happy with Mailchimp, but kinda outgrew it.
I want to make smarter workflows and get things a bit more automated.

For example, I am using Facebook Ads to get leads and building mini-automations, where those who signed-up for a freebie get 3 mails with a good offer.

I run resends for non-openers, I adress clickers with a different email.

All of this is done manually within Mailchimp, I use "replicate", but it's time consuming.

The same for webinars. Quite many emails are sent, before and after.

Mailchimp does it, but without intelligent automation. It's me doing the "IF...THEN..." part, manually.

Also I tipically end having duplicates emails, as Facebook leads and webinar subscribers may be already on my main list. I have to live with duplicates, or manually merge lists. Again, time consuming.

This is how I'd like to work:

Tag subscribers as they engage with my activities, say people that have signed-up for a webinar, people who have attended, once or several times, they need to be on different stages, so I can selectively address them.

Segment subscribers according to country/language:
for example so I will send two versions of the same campaign, one for national, one for rest of the world.

Segment subscribers based on their status, e.g. prospects vs. customers
(so I don't sell to people what they already have purchased).
Also, this shouldn't happen only by CRM or shop-integration (I don't use any), but I need it to be possible by manually tagging: I have a list of customers, which get tagged accordingly to purchases and $ they have invested.

Segment subscribers based on their engagement level
(for example, those with 70% opens or more will hear from me more often).

I was very curious to try Convertkit, but they appear only to have "cold leads", where the engagement level is measured based on the last 5 months: this isn't quite enough for me. I'd risk to purge good leads that happened to be busy or on standby for personal reasons. I need more scope for measuring engagement and list cleaning.

The options I am considering are:

Activecampaign: seems robust to me, but a little confusing, I hear the email editor is slooow.

Convertkit: seems smart, and several solid bloggers (Derek Halpern to mention one) use it. But I am not sure it does everything I need it to, and the whole logic where you write to people based on tags and's different .

Drip: looks solid. I like the lead scoring option, which the others lack at the enter level at least. A bit pricey. I don't get for the life of mine why they don't offer a bundle Leadpages+Drip at a great price.

Getresponse: very tempting, I would like to understand better what's its strenghts and weeknesses.
The landing page builder sounds nice, could potentially save a few bucks, even though I feel spoiled by Leadpages, which delivers big time.

In that respect Leadpages integration would be a plus.

What is my experience level? I am not a programmer kind of person. For now (and a while) I'll need to take care of email marketing by myself.

I'd say I am more proficient than the average solopreneur, but I neither have much time nor patience for complexity. At the same time, if I want simple, then I could chose to live with Mailchimps limitations for a year or two. But once I switch, I want a solution that gives me headroom.
I'd hate having to switch once more a year later or so.

Thank you in advance

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    Guess what.

    Once you start paying for mailchimp then everything is automated.

    All autoresponder services have automation. your best bet would be to contact the individual ones you are interested in with your questions.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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