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Hello i'm just about in email marketing and i encountered this afffliate marketing system named "mobe" the commission was very promosing and i was considering joining so i can promote the system as my own product but after doing research you are just going to sell people upgrades with no product to promote. When i go to their website to see what are the products they promote all i got in theor video was a sales pitch and they wont explain further unless i pay them first. So i would just like to know if there are other opportunities out there w/c you can promote, be part of their system and actually offer something that can help people instead of selling them fantasies and ripping them off
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    1) MOBE isn't a ripoff, speaking from personal experience their courses are actually very good, and their ability to work with affiliates is (in my opinion) top notch.
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    MOBE is a joke. JayKay must be in MOBE.

    Their courses are crap, their training is crap. To make money you need to drop serious money and then go to one of their "mastermind" groups where everyone sits in a circle and talks about how amazing they all are.

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