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Hello email marketing experts, I'm starting my new business in email marketing using a custom software and Google G suite. Unfortunately, I didn't find any solution to track my emails such as open rate, click rate, conversion, unsubscribe, spam, bounce... etc.
Could you help me please guys? Thank you in advance!
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    You can't, Gsuite was not designed to provide any of those stats.

    You could use a service like or a third party mailer and send using Gmail's smtp and get some of the stats you ask about.

    To track everything, you would want to use an ESP and a third party tracker.
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    You need to use a paid platform provider such as GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp to see things like that.

    There are others out there, but anything free won't be worth it.

    Sorry, couldn't help you!
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    a 3rd party hosted provider such as Getresponse or Aweber would be your best bet to all that you ask
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    Try ActiveCampaign: they have a lot of tools to track.

    And it's cheaper.
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    To track metrics in an email campaign, you'll need to use an email sending software.

    For opted-in email campaigns, there are many ESPs (email sending providers) that you can utilize. MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse are just a few you can check out.

    For cold or non-opted-in email campaigns, you'll need to source an email sending provider that allows sending to cold contacts.
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    Why do you use the custom software?
    Where did you get the list of email addresses? I ask because almost none of the 3rd parties allows "purchased lists" to be used. These have to be people who opted into your site to get the information you send.

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    Email marketing is a difficult field for newcomers to break into. There are dozens of terms to learn, and a myriad of tools you need to get acquainted with to become competitive. Any way around, it's a lot of work.

    The good news is that, as with other fields, you don't need to become an expert before dipping your toes into the water. To help you in your endeavor, we've put together a list of suitable tools of the trade, and a primer of the most critical metrics you should track.

    Here are the 4 main tools which is used for tracking the email marketing:
    1. Bloom
    2. MailChimp
    3. Benchmark Email
    4. Google Analytics

    These are the 10 metrics you should track:
    1. Open Rate
    2. Click-Through Rate
    3. Clicks per Link
    4. Conversion Rate
    5. Bounce Rate
    6. Unsubscribes
    7. Spam Complaints
    8. Forwarding Rate
    9. Time Spent
    10. List Health
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    You can look at Yesware. Just few bucks/month.
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    Mailchimp works for me - Gsuites won't cut it. Although, there is a chrome extension that works with Gmail, and provides you with email marketing capabilities (i think it's called mail merge for chrome). It allows you to track opens, but not much else - with GSuite you can send your emails to around 2,000 i believe
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    You can track your email marketing through many tools like,
    1. Bloom
    2. MailChimp
    3. Benchmark Email
    4. Google Analytics
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    We Suggest 2 Tools That Will Definitely Help You Track Your Email Marketing Metrics.

    1.) Google Analytics
    2.) Mailchimp
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    Try yet another mail merge its free.
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    There is two ways to track your email marketing that I can think of.

    - Track emails directly through autoresponder
    - Purchase click tracking software that keeps track of all your clicks

    I personally use a special click tracker that keeps me on top of all my clicks as well as my autoresponder.
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    Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies. But if we do it more strategically then it can do wonders in achieving your goals.
    What can be better than if you could track your emails and send them as per the intention to get the best response? All you need to track your email marketing is a good email marketing service provider which can give you an amazing platform where you can send your emails in a systematic manner.
    On that email marketing platform, you cannot just track but also do the complete analysis of the emails you are sending. This could be great for future prospect.
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    You Need use to paid Saftwer otherwise you use mail tracker or mail chimp
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    You need to use auto responder software which will give you all necessary stats you are looking for....

    If you are on low budget, you have still some great AR's for free.
    Sure they limit you with number of subscribers, but probably you don't have big list of you start out...

    I can recommend you:

    1: Mailchimp
    2. Mailer light

    They are both awesome AR and also free for limited number of subscribers....

    So you will have all necessary stats you are looking for.

    Otherwise you stay in dark
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  • The stats you mentioned should be provided by the SMTP/platform you are using.
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    You should mainly concentrate on these four things in order to track your email marketing.
    1. Open Rate
    2. Click-Through Rate
    3. Unsubscribe Rate
    4. Conversion Rate
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    You know what your open and click-through rates are, and you can even see every individual who opens your email on a big, beautiful map. Yet somehow, you still can't quite measure how many leads and customers your email campaigns are creating.

    Fortunately for you, email marketing tools like Campaign Monitor integrate directly with Google Analytics so you can see how many people are clicking on your email campaigns, landing on your website and going on to become leads and customers.

    1. Set up campaign tracking, 2. Create an Advanced Segment, 3. Review your reports.These are the 3 simple methods to track your email marketing.
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    MailChimp is best to track email marketing.
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    You can look at Yesware. Just few bucks/month.
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    if you want to track email marketing the only tool i do recommend you that is totally worth it is market hero they have advanced tarcking system and in the tracking system they are doing something new and you will even come to know little things with that tool.
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    Well there are many paid Software which you can use to track the performance of your email campaigns. But the data lies with the service provider like MailChimp, active campaign, Aweber etc which provide you complete information regarding the performance of your campaigns.
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    Google analytics is the best for this purpose and you can use UTM tagging in your email campaign,coupon codes.
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    Through Google Analytics and Mail Chimp, you can track email marketing
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    1. Bloom

    Key Features:

    Enables you to create opt-ins in six different style types, and over a hundred templates.
    Lets you customize the behavior of your opt-ins according to your needs.
    Integrates with all of the major email marketing platforms.
    Helps track performance with an analytics system.
    Offers A/B testing for increased conversions.
    2. MailChimp

    Key Features:

    Enables you to build email campaigns using dozens of templates and a drag-and-drop system.
    Lets you automate every aspect of your campaigns, including their frequency and targeted users.
    Integrates with hundreds of third-party services, including most major e-commerce platforms.
    Includes a robust analytics system, which enables you to track dozens of email marketing metrics.
    Supports A/B testing.

    3. Benchmark Email

    Key Features:

    Enables you to build email campaigns using templates and an intuitive builder.
    Lets you segment your email audiences and automate outreach.
    Integrates your email marketing with dozens of third-party services.
    Tracks the performance of your campaigns through analytics.
    Offers split tests improve your campaign's effectiveness.

    4. Google Analytics

    Key Features:

    Integrates with email campaigns, websites, and apps.
    Supports dozens of relevant email marketing metrics.
    Enables you to set up multiple conversion goals and track them.
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  • If you haven't checked out Market Hero, then I would look into it.

    They have been around for a few years now. It does everything the other autoresponders do, plus it has the ability to track the long term value of how much money you make off of each lead coming in. Plus they are working on building an even better way of tracking leads.

    I have used Aweber, and GetResponse and I much prefer Market Hero.
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    You should try Snovio email drip campaigns for sales newsletters(cold emails) to get the detailed statistics on what you've mentioned.
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    If you use mailchimp you can easily track the visitors for your website .
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    Well why you dont use a good autoresponder that can provide you all of this ?
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    Hello, You need to use a paid platform provider and you use mailchimp
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