Solo Ads ARE All Scam?

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Some people here say that ALL Solo Ads are scam.

( )

So i want to give it a try using only that channel.

Obviously there are people who deliver fake clicks, fake sign ups etc.

Like in every business.

But it's not all scam.

I've recently build a list for this test of 1192 leads, with ALL Solo ads from:

Clickonomy (2 sellers)
Udimi (2 sellers)
Facebook Group (1 seller)

Package of 100 to 300.

Only one sale in the front end (97 usd the price of the product)

But 2 sales per week in the back end of 47-97 usd.

2 Membership (reccurrent and renovated) in Anik Singal Blueprint and a lot of sign ups in that program (so Lurn of Anik added me to affiliate whitelist on clickbank)

These are the results in automation sequence:

So, it's not easy cause these contacts are overwhelmed about free offers to sign up, but if you ca deliver good valure written in a non-ituitive way, it works.

Definately it's not fake.

Im not going to go in deep like who is the sellers, how many mail per day (at least one but often more than one), etc cause i prefer use the time in studying copywriting and testing sources of traffic.

IM NOT A SOLO ADS VENDOR: i use the list for my business not for overwhelming my list with others not tested proposal.

That's my experience.
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