Email Marketing: Take it as a BUSINESS not as a joke

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What i've learned so far is that most of the newbie marketers consider this business as an exit strategy to the rat race...

...i mean 8.00 am to 17 pm normal job.

They think that it's fast to achieve results like pushin a button. And when they finally realize that there are lot of skills to learn, to constantly learn, ever-changing, they start dabbing to another system.

Complaining that it's a quick-rich scheme, that someone has pulling their legs, it's a fraud etc..

They jump to eCommerce Shopify, cause it's trending, for realizing that it's not only a matter of putting some fb ads to promote a product and make some money on arbitrage price difference between alibaba and amazon

Obviously the problem still not be in the business model itself.

It's in the CONSISTENCY.

And believe me, Email Marketing is the fastest, pretty secure way to achieve results.


Cause the Art of Making Money through basically sending emails require complex skills, like copywriting, traffic strategies, continusly testing etc BUT it pays a lot more in the end...or in the "back end"

And it can be applied to sustain all the other business like ecommerce, blog posts, etc, cause it's like a lifeblood for everything.

The Model is quite simple: traffic to opt in page - email sequence - make money with products.

But these steps require a lot of investement: you need to know how to set up a good opt in page, choose a good niche, nurture leads with good info and build relationship with them, choose which product to promote by testing it before (buy), and then build up your own product.

And these are only the main skills to master.

But it's also easy if you have enough will to go in deep and TEST. Not overload with infos, but test, and have some money to invest.

I challenge everyone here to find a better business than this.
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