Started EmailMarketing about Travel Inspiration - Good idea?

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Hi, I am new to the online world and came across a book about Email Marketing. I got interested and now started working on it. I decided to try the following:

Email Marketing about Travel Blogging. I travel the world and want to share my adventures.

- I set up an Opt In Page
- I created a Free Gift when people give me there Email Adresses
- I wrote an Email series of inspiring travel stories.

Now I am in doubt: Do you think people are actually interested in these kind of Emails? Do you think they would enjoy reading my travel adventures? I also dont have any clue about affiliate links yet... What is it that I could actually offer to them where in return I will make some revenue? Or is maybe a travel blog the better alternative?

Do you have an opinion?
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      Thanks for sharing the book, I will have a look at it. I am currently a little in self doubt if I am heading into the right direction. But yes, I guess try and error.
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    I Think you need to define your goal...What do you want to do
    Make money or tell stories about your travels...
    I think that The way to do email marketing is to provide Value to other ...Income will come later
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      yes that is true - and i am thinking about it now for a while and I am uncertain what is the true value in my adventures? My main goal is to think people are inspired by seeing my pics and reading about it? is that already creating value?
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    Good idea. If I am a visitor of your site, I will be interested in what you bring me. With the purpose of sharing about your adventures, you will be highly motivated to work and create more fresh conent to satisfy the visitors.
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      Thanks Killua for your reply. Its good to hear that, yes, there might be interest in that. I was actually starting to write down details steps and goals and what kind of stories I will be sharing: I will be starting with the Caribbean! Thats where I currently am and I want to send some sunshine to the world. I will keep on working on it. Ah and I gave myself a name now as well: Its Travel Bella
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      Oh hiring a freelancer to help me with my Emails? That is a new thought, thanks for sharing, great idea. I will give it a thought. Thanks
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    If you travel a lot, I would think that you would do better with a vlog.
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      I am also thinking about that as well. I am just not so familiar yet with a Vlog. I have chosen to start with Email Marketing and do a Vlog in the near future. Still a little shy in front of the camera
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    Travel is a super large industry, and people love dreaming and planning travel adventures. It seems like a good idea to me.
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      It is so large that I even feel a little overwhelmed. I look at other TravelBloggers and they all have chosen there niche: BudgetTravel, Solo Female Travel, Group Travel etc. mmmm I need to find my niche. I am traveling on a cruise ship, so the next obvious thing is to choose "CRUISING" as my niche. How would I see if there is an audience big enough? Are there any web tools out there to see how many people are interested in that topic?
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