What is wrong with my squeeze/landing page ? Please help me out Fellow Warriors

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Hello My Fellow Warriors,

I would like to ask for you guys help and suggestions, if you guys and ladies can please take a look at my squeeze/landing page and let me know (here on this post)what is wrong with it (how come I am not getting any subscribers to opting in to my mailing list). I use Optimizepress to build the squeeze/landing page, i integrate it with Get Response. I use a plugin to generate me free traffic - traffic trapper and still I am not getting any subscribers to my list/account on Get Response.

Go Here to view my squeeze/landing page
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    maybe you are advertising to the wrong segment? also, the fact that you don't get any subscribers but yet you are offering a report about list building might be coming through in your copy
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    If you don't get sign-ups, there's a couple of things can be going wrong.
    It could be your traffic is not targeted
    it could be there's no traffic at all - are you tracking? How many visitors do you get to your page per day?

    Or your page is rotten.
    Are you split testing this landing page against another, or maybe two?

    For testing: I'd remove the logo up top,
    make the headline more specific, instead of "A FREE REPORT To Building A Hot Buyers List"
    I'd put Download your free report: How I add 276 subscribers to my list every day
    Plus: How to write killer emails so your subs are Eager & Ready To Buy Everything You Got

    or 10 Killer Email Templates to double your sales by next Saturday - Easy fill-the-blanks samples done for you

    Cut out the checklist
    Cut the image of your ebook cover or present it so it looks more attractive
    cut out the social share stuff
    cut out the support stuff

    use different color, not red

    Just some ideas. You never know what is broken untl you start split testing and tracking everything.

    I don't know anything about that traffic thingy you are using, but for all you know, it could be sending fake / bot clicks or not sending any clicks at all. So no point in going out all changing your squeeze page until you know what traffic the page gets.
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    One thing I noticed immediately is there is your logo "above the fold" as some say. I'm pretty sure that Ogilvy coined that, but anyway the concept is this:

    If you put something above your headline, it causes the visitor to break focus and could end up hurting your conversions. Don't quote me on this, but I do believe it was a pretty in depth research done by Ogilvy. Hope this helps you out
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    Don't say "FREE Report" say something like "Quick Start Guide"

    get rid of

    Copywrite Me.com

    E-mail: support@copywrite-me.com

    Las Vegas, NV
    move bullet points into that position then move the call to action into that position. add email input box with the CTA button so the visitor can complete everything on the squeeze page.

    Remember....No scrolling, condense everything a little so it is all above the fold.


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