How do you do your email marketing?

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So a little over a month ago I begin doing email marketing. With close to 2 million in sales via ecommerce last year I figured there is no time like the present. I'm currently using klaviyo and have all of their recommended flows set up . (Abandoned cart, abandoned browsers, upsell/cross sell, multibuys etc.) I just did my first regular email campaigns this last weekend.

So here is the question/ discussion to all of you experienced email marketers. What if any additional automated emails do you send to buyers/ sign ups and how often/ what do you send for email blasts?
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    Its great that you started emailing your list.

    If there is one thing I could change it's that I would have started building my list sooner.

    I'd only send an email if it provides value to your subscribers.

    As for how often it varies from niche/list. I'd split your list into 3 and send: not much/some were in the middle/a lot and compare the results.

    In saying that I would not send any newsletters unless it helps your subscribers and provides them real value (Promo emails are not value). However linking to a video For example "how to build a website.. with a link in the description to the hosting service you host for your website (aff link) is value because they learn how to built a website regardless of if they purchase from you aff link or not.
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