How do I start to build a list?

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How do I start to build a list?

I am not an internet marketing wizard like some of you may be.

I would just like some easy tips or good tips.
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    A tried and true way is to give something of value away for free, (lead magnet) then you nurture those new leads in your funnel, maintain constant communication with them

    Of course, whatever it is you're giving away should be valuable and help the new lead with whatever issue it is they're having

    hope this helps !
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    First, join aweber or getresponse or like that.

    You can build list
    - by selling ebooks
    -by giving ebooks free
    -use fiverr gigs
    -use solo mails
    -social media
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    You should know how to create opt-in pages. and then buy traffic from different sources and redirect them to your opt-in pages.

    This is by far the most effective way to generate your own email list.

    and the advantage is that, you can generate list as per niches, how cool is that.

    For every business to set up we need to have money, but to generate list when we expect that in future it can make us millionaire we are looking for free sources, and that takes time my friend.

    But here if you do what i said you will invest very less but slowly your EPC will come like a charm.

    Let me know if this helps. also if you need further help please keep on posting your questions, i will be more than happy to help :-)

    Happy Selling..
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    I'm sorry to burst a few bubbles but selling eBooks or anything of very little to no value will not be enough of an effort long-term to build lists for free. I can recommend a webinar to you to understand the full picture.
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    First and last to do email marketing never go to buy any database always attract your customer to give their email -id by own. To attract your customer give them offer, freebies, giveaways etc etc. Hope it's clear to you.
    Thank you!
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    As you are newbie, I will suggest you to buy plr autoresponder series. Google the keyword:- "plr autoresponder email series" you will lots of sites selling these stuff.
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    Do you have your own product? You need something to give away.

    You have to have an autoresponder. My personal favorite is GetResponse, but there are other good options.

    PM me if you need help. I have a couple of free courses that may help you.
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      can you give me to this free courses i need it to pls
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    You should try social media and blog commenting once you have your killer free offer for your subscribers email addresses. Also what I have found works well is simply asking the people you see in person everyday to subscribe. If you have created valuable content for your freebie, the word of mouth advertising will spread your message in your local area. Every person on your list counts so don't count out asking your friends, family and coworkers to build your list when your first starting out. Once they are on there they might give you some valuable feedback on how you can improve and become better.
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    First decide what you're passionate about.

    Then make sure there is a ton of money in that niche.

    Next set up a blog to be able to communicate with the people on your list to build your relationship by providing them with value.

    Then, take one of their questions, one of the things your niche needs to know. Create an eBook or videos and give it away in exchange for their email address.

    Then use your blog to write to them like they are your friends.

    Make offers that help them get where they want to go and they will buy them.
    Free eBook =>
    The Secret To Success In Any Business
    Yes, Any Business!
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    Easy tips will not work, I am sorry to say. If you are serious about building a list, you will be working very hard in the beginning to get it all set up. You will want to empathise with your audience to get a genuine understanding of thier needs. That's 1st.

    Next you will need to create, or have created content they will really need and want to consume. Give it away in exchange for their email as stated above.

    Then, have autoresponders keep them engaged with valuable content (valuable to them not you). Thinking of them genuinely will answer a lot of questions that so many new IM'ers ask. Give give give and then take, then give some more. Always over deliver.. That's how things work with IM.

    So yeah, there is no easy, no secret, no magic pill. Just hard work.

    Please do not take this like I am trying to be a downer, by all means, the hard work can definitely pay out in a huge way and be so worth your time. But please expect hard work in the beginning particularly.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    The easiest way is by giving some 'valuable content' as a 'give-away' in exchange for the email-id. This 'give-away' should be really worth it, otherwise, no-one will enter their personal email id in your opt-in form.
    For example, I have a personal finance blog- Trade brains, and here I give away a free ebook on 'How to select stocks for investing?'. It took me 2 days to write this article of over 3,000 words. And I'm giving it to my audience for free.
    However, it has helped me to build an email list of over 10k subscribers.
    So my advice, write a super-useful ebook and collect emails in exchange for it. A hard work of 2 days can help you to build a huge email list for years.
    I hope it helps.
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    It really depends on the niche you are with.

    Choosing the niche or sub-niche is crucial.

    Assuming you are in the IM niche, or weight loss, or dating, and by reading your question, i think you definately have to stick to Solo Ads.

    Thats because if you are asking this question you have no idea on how the advertising game works, and maybe you are in a wide niche.

    So you need fast results and the most possibile filtered traffic, already optimized for your niche.

    So go to Solo Ads.

    And, cause it seems that you're newbie, it's better you go to Clickonomy first and only secondary to Udimi which is more complicated even if has more features and sellers.
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    Building a list is more simple than it is easy. Those two are very different.

    Here are some simple ways that will take some tweaking to get right.

    Install pop ups on your website.

    Create dedicated landing pages for lead magnets.

    Create social media profiles that link to landing pages.

    Add a link in your email signature that goes directly to a specific landing page.

    Use quora and set up the profile page like - you guessed it - a landing page.

    Set up a competition and allow users to enter with email addresses and gain additional entries by referring their friends.

    What happens after you drive traffic to a page? How do you convert them to customers? Take our free email course to find out how to attract and convert more customers.

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    there are so many different ways of doing this:

    -solo ads
    -signature in forum posts (giving value in posts of course)
    - social media content posting
    - paid advertising run to a squeeze page offering something of value
    - blogging
    - many other methods...

    just pick the method that suits you and just start!
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    Step 1: Know your audience
    Step 2: Build a user-friendly subscriber form
    Step 3: Create compelling reasons for users to opt in
    Step 4: Set up an automated welcome campaign
    Step 5: Keep the killer content coming
    Step 6: Use testing to reveal what works
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