Has anyone had their GetResponse account re-activated successfully?

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Hi guys, so after a month of GetResponse set up and intense list cleaning before import, we sent out our first email campaign today. 5 hours later we start getting complaints from subscribers that our links do not work, and to my horror realised that our account was suspended without any notice.

There was no way we could've seen this coming and once I realised what happened, emailed the Compliance team with the whole truth and told them all the measures we've done to ensure as clean a list as possible prior to sending out our first campaign.

Has anyone had this happen to them, and GetResponse actually agreed to re-activate their account?
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    Why was the account suspended?
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      They claim that our spam complaints were too high, which was not something we could have seen coming despite cleaning the list about 5 times over.
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    If you cleaned your list 5 times and still had issues, there is a much deeper issue your facing here.

    Who did you use to clean?
    Also, most ESP's only allow a complaint rate of about the following:

    0.1% and under = safe
    0.1%-0.3% = warning and close monitoring
    0.3%+ = account suspended/bad data/etc
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