Email funnel strategy - passive or not?

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Hi everyone,
When setting up and email sequence is it better to constantly write emails, or just set up a 8 week (or x week) sequence and never touch it again?

For example
lead magnet - free info.... - sell-upsell...--EMAILS STOP SENDING FOREVER

Obviously you optimize everything at the begining. My thinking is that after that everything is passive and you only worry about getting traffic to your landing pages / lead magnets (and after that point the sales are taken care of)

Is this how the "big guys" do it? Assuming you are not trying to be an authority and stay behind the scenes.

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    Everyone has different ways of doing things. Some have sequences the will run a full year, some write and send emails daily, few times a week, or weekly. some do a combination.

    Just pick a strategy that you are comfortable with and go for it.


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