Easiest way to generate traffic for beginers

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Hello People,

I am new into affiliate marketing, I have created opt-in page.

My major challenge is generating traffic, please I need sincere and practicable advise.
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    Do you have a budget?
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    Hi all you got to do is spread your wings! Just think about solo Ads and share your link everyday to be productive.

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    an online business

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    The easiest is Facebook ads. Just make sure to be attentive to the targeting settings
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    I would second what Nina De la Cruz said, Facebook ads have been the most successful for me.

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    It depends on how much money you want to spend. If you have a budget I would recommend solo ads. Because it is instant and there is no learning curve besides learning how to choose vendors.

    If you do not have any money to spend, then I would suggest social media marketing. Mainly Facebook.
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    use youtube channel.
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  • There are a lot of ways to generate traffic to your website. If you are looking for "free ways" you can do SEO. This strategy may take a while for the results to come in, but it is a very cost-effective marketing strategy over time. Once you rank for your keywords, you can really have consistent, free traffic everyday.

    If time is important to you, you can do paid traffic like PPC, solo ads, and etc. Of course, paid traffic may be expensive, depending on the niche you're in.

    I suggest you do a research first like start with a similar website and check the site's content, backlinks, etc to have an idea how you can properly market your website as well.

    Based on experience, content marketing works well for almost any niche. You may want to include this too on your campaign.

    Good luck!
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    The easiest way to generate traffic is to buy it.

    as to where and how ... depends on your niche.
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    It has been suggested that you buy solo ads but you need
    to purchase from a reputable source to avoid junk traffic
    because of fake clicks etc.

    You should go to Facebook and look at solo ad testimonials groups
    to assess reputable solo ad sellers.

    Udimi is also a good site as it is regulated to avoid cowboys who
    sell low quality solo ads. Good vendors will deliver clicks from tier 1
    countries such as USA, UK, etc.

    When purchasing from a vendor for the first time you should start
    with a small number of clicks 50-100 to assess the quality of the

    If you want to go for free traffic, social media sites such as Facebook,
    Pinterest, Instagram etc are good if you are familiar with these
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    The easiest way requires you to spend some money:

    Solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads, Instagram influencers, etc

    If you dont have any money you will need to do things like:

    Answering questions in Quora(attach link to your site), Forums(place link in your bio).
    Creating an audience with social media such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
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    Solo ads is a great place to start but it is important to have a reputable Solo ad provider who doesn't use fake robot traffic which will cause you to get acceptable opt-in rates and low or no conversion (sales of your offer) rate,

    So choosing a Solo Ad provider who will make sure your offer is seen by real people is key and unfortunately there are not that many good solo ad providers out there,

    I know because I spent a lot money for several years trying different Solo Ad providers who didn't produce the kind of results I was expecting for the money I was spending ... that is until about 2 years ago when I found a Solo Ad provider whose results have been astounding,

    On average with this Solo Ad provider I have been getting 50+% opt in rate and average of 10% conversion rates of the highest quality U.S. visitors , for 2 reasons they send your offer to real people and they pre-frame the people who go to your landing page with a compelling message so when they get to your landing page they want to be on your list,

    Generally people who buy Solo ads are over the moon if they get an average of 20% opt in rate and 1-2% conversion (sales) rate,

    So for me getting 10% conversion rate has been a game changer and why I only use this specific Solo Ad provider.

    If you do choose to use Solo Ads to generate traffic and find you are getting less than ideal results PM me and I will share my Solo Ad provider's information with you.
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    If you buy traffic, make sure you have a good tracker in place ...
    best to have a tracker that will not only tell you how your various traffic sources are performing ( as regards to ROI / Opt-Ins / Engagement) but which will also filter or flag bot clicks and other bad traffic.
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    Based on some of the replies before, I think things may be relative between using Facebook ads or solo ads or paid traffic in general. Solo Ads may be great. But, you have to pick a seller that sends you real traffic and that traffic needs to convert. Facebook can also be a great choice, but there may also be a learning curve. But, if you use a marketplace like Udimi to find highly rated solo ads sellers who produce sales and you have a converting squeeze page + targeted offer, you may be set to get converting traffic fast.
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  • I would use SEO and generate YouTube videos that about your affiliate product(s).

    You can set up a Facebook page and start marketing there.
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