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So I keep getting mixed answers, and most of the users keep telling me about powerMTA and some advanced systems but they don't even know how to properly explain how to deliver to Hotmail inboxes, maybe I was asking the wrong people.

So I tried to use a VPS with peroper setup, 1000 emails per day. I got to blocked after 4 days and my emails all went to Spam.

Then I tried to send a test email using shared ip, and it went to Hotmail inbox.

So I wonder why do I even need a VPS with dedicated ip and Mailwizz?

Why don't I just use Elasticemail if it gives good results without any problems?

I am sending gambling email btw.
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    Hi There,

    Any data that is gambling, casino, poker, forex, betting in general is going to be heavily filtered.

    Using elastic email I am sure will inbox when your sending very very low volume of emails, but it will provide you significant challenges when trying to scale.

    To better understand why email is filtered in general, you need to know the basis for how email filtering works. ISP's like google, hotmail, yahoo/aol have invested heavily in AI and use highly collaborative systems to identify similar messages that are hitting its SMTP servers, almost in real time. So while the first few messages will inbox, as the systems check for similarity among messages, the level of filtering and scrutiny on your email is going to increase to become more aggressive and happen very quickly.

    Hotmail also imposes strict sending volumes, and I would proceed with only sending about 5 emails per hour, per IP to any hotmail domain name in order to maintain better inboxing ratios.

    The people you have spoken too about PowerMTA are simply saying that PowerMTA has built in backoff settings that can slow down, defer, or temporarily stop sending messages based on the SMTP codes that the ISP's are sending back to your campaigns. While this functionality is excellent, it required a fairly heavy amount of customization in the Power MTA config in order for it to work effectively. How it operates out of the box or on a base install will not really provide you the benefits of what it can do and how it can help to build and maintain your sending reputation.

    Another thing you should consider is that just because your messages get blocked, you need to identify why thats happening. Since your running gambling related offers, I would 95% say with certainty that it has to do with the content of your messages. You going to need to get very creative in your approach to your messages in order to maintain long term inboxing in this niche. Furtherwore, if your using a self hosted system, I would recommend doing a 45-60 day warm up schedule of your ips, domains, and systems in order to achieve the best delivery.

    I hope this helps to clarify and answer some of your questions above.
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      Appreciate your clear answer. I am fine with some of emails going to Spam folder and even its >80%, better than getting fully blocked. My biggest challenge is Hotmail after some days is fully blocking the IP from sending, and I could not find anyone who can help me with this.

      For warming up, I don't have 45-60 days to warm up, Thats too long, especially if I don't have any opt-in Email list to warm up and I don't have much knowledge how to warm up, so I will spend 60 days wasting my time like a clown.

      So what I want to achieve in next days:
      • Avoiding at-least getting fully blocked by Hotmail ( I have tried to apply for unblock, they unblocked then blocked again once I started sending).

      And you mentioned 95% it could be the content, so maybe If I remove any spammy content then the full block issue will be solved?

      Also do you know how to set Global Postfix rate limit something like "smtp_destination_rate_delay"? currently smtp_destination_rate_delay works per domain only, but I want to global delay for each domain even if its different.
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