Does cold emails still work?

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Am thinking of cold-emailing a few prospects. I've got their contact details from their website. My email offers some value.

Just looking for any suggestions on how I can improve response from someone who has done this recently.

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    Cold selling is HARD online and offline. But 1 out 10, buys. You just have to find your 1.
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    Send them something valuable for free - maybe a PDF that may help them learn something, etc.

    except give them the valuable information in 3 or 4 consecutive emails and make the first email subject line to something like:

    For your eyes only, keep this private,


    You have earned this for being my customer

    Something that will make them feel special for opening your 1st email

    And once they open your email tell them they are getting valuable information you would normally sell for $49.00 for free!

    Because they are a valued customer!
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    Hi, there!
    Focus on your subject line. It is what makes and breaks your purpose for cold emailing in the first place. Avoid spammy subjects. Also, getting directly to the point in your email is the best practice there is.

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    Yes, cold email still works.
    And it will never stop working.
    Make sure you have good data, good content in your email, solid subject lines, and a good product or service, and you will be fine.
    Scaling cold email can be challenging and would require an extensive review of your goals.
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    Keep testing!
    The key to optimizing any marketing campaign is A/B testing; in this case, everything from the sender name to the call-to-action in the email should be tested to ensure you're sending the most optimized email.
    You'll also want to consider how you're sending these cold emails. Most ESPs won't allow you to upload 3rd party email lists (cold contacts). A quick Google search will help you find an email sending software that allows sending to cold or purchased contacts in bulk.
    Good luck!
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    Hey man !

    Just a test, when you receive emails, from people you've talked to, or from whom you've gotten a fre gift to get on their email list, do you read those emails ?

    I don't.

    So, they probably wont be reading those emails. BUT

    If you send them emails, then post on their social media, then yes, they will notice you
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    Cold email Work, here's a small campaign i just started for freelancers or small agency offering Fb Ads / PPC/ Seo that need more work, i`m targetting plumbers. The best and fastest way to gain clients for an agency that wants to grow his client base.
    Also, have a few agencies ready to take them from another campaign
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    It still works and is totally worth trying.

    Been doing it for over 18 years and have no plans of ever stopping.
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    Cold emails still work in my experience as long as you are careful to target prospects that are likely to be interested in your product or service; I've got a lot of SEO work from cold emails (most of the emails I gathered from website listings on producthunt an awesome resource to discover new websites/business that might want SEO work) it's vitally important however that you carefully personalize the email generic emails aren't very successful
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    For me, it is still effective. If you are confident your offer is something of value, and you show them well you can be trusted by giving them full information about you and/or your company/business, then you can most probably get a response from them.

    It is important that you follow good guidelines in writing your emails. Make your subject line as specific as possible. Use their name in the subject when necessary. Make sure that you deliver in your message what you prommised in the subject line. Also, make you subject line not sound too much like of a 'marketing email'.
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    The very first thing you need to work on is your subject line. Let it be compelling so they open. Next, you'd want to make sure your content is rich and NOT promotional.

    You might give a hint to it or an indirect link to it.

    But, the very first thing you need to put in place is your Subject line.
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    no way sir sorry!
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    I would cold email them and give them a phone call that afternoon or the next day to see if they received your information via email.
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    Yes! IT's working yet. But if you want to successful campaign then you need quality leads.
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    Cold emails are definitely still alive and kicking.

    The key is not to sell prospects on your offer immediately. Rather, the goal is to sell them on YOU and to establish interest and contact first. With that said, always try to be:

    - Fully transparent (i.e. how you got their deets or your current experience level - they'll appreciate this)

    - Clear with what you can do for them (the benefits of your service/product)

    - Be funny/humorous/personable (biz owners aren't humorless robots - they're people). Plus, it'll help you stand out in a sea of unsolicited emails

    - Avoid making the email all about you

    - Make your offer/CTA a no-brainer and position your services as being both painless and enjoyable.
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    Hello everyone. For cold emailing I am experiencing issue with getting ip blocks, spam listed etc. I understand this is an issue that happens. Is there anyone who can provide some information on this
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    I would cold email them and give them a phone call that afternoon or the next day to see if they received your information via email.
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