Whats your opinion on autoresponder sequence re-subscribes?

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I send mostly broadcasts but I'm probably going to start sending more autoresponder sequences and I'm just look for your opinion.

When a subscriber un-subscribes but then later on re-subscribes which one of the following do you prefer and why?

a.) resume your autoresponder sequence from were they left off?
b.) start from the beginning of your autoresponder sequence?

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    in my opinion, it really depends on the amount of time they spent away from you. I think the best answer would be to start them over completely at the beginning of your sequence, just because they most likely won't remember you.

    I mean it's crazy how fast people's attention span shifts, like in email, if subscribers don't open your emails within an hour of having received it, the chances of them opening it at all really drops.

    For the sake of just doing research, it might be worth it to just see how they respond in both cases, maybe send 50% through the series where they left off, and the other 50 from the beginning
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    I just prefer to start from the beginning of your autoresponder sequence

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  • The bigger your list, the more people will unsubscribe, and the more resubs you have will cause you more work if you are trying to put them back in where they left off.

    I'm thinking if they unsub, and then resubed, then maybe they are wanting to pay more attention the second time around.
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