How would you setup an autoresponder series if you're only selling 2 things

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Hey guys, in my attempt to achieve my monthly income goal of $3000, I have decided that I need to setup an autoresponder series of emails.

The reason that I didn't do this earlier (I've been at this for a little over a year now) is because I only have 2 things that I'm actually selling. I have a $9 ebook and a $47 course.

Currently, I'm doing around $1000/month in sales, and that is without having an email autoresponder sequence set up. Anyone who signs up to my course automatically gets added to my list.

Anyone who buys my eBook gets a confirmation email inviting them to join my list (most don't click the link though). This is because E-junkie still uses the older "parser" technology, whereas wishlist member (which is what I sell my course through) integrates with aWeber much better.

Then I have my non-buyers who sign up for my list using a sign up form that is on every single page and post of my website. I don't offer a freebie. Rather, I just offer "monthly updates"...every month I just notify them about new video blog posts. Surprisingly, people are still opting in.

Right now I'm approaching a total of almost 500 people on my list, and this is a combination of buyers and non-buyers.

I'd like to really start focusing on this whole list building thing because I believe I have 2 good products. I'm just not sure what the best way to set up an autoresponder sequence would be.

I'm thinking offer a free 5-day mini-course, each of the five days will suggest that they buy my full course. But then what do I do after that? Keep sending them monthly "blog updates" and pitching the course to them?

How do you guys suggest I set this whole auto email sequence up?

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    My opinion is to make a short but informative video on why those people should buy your eBook and take your course. People want to know what they are paying for so if you make a video that will explain exactly why they would want your products as well as what they would gain from purchasing your product they will be more likely to buy.

    You can also have "sneak-peeks" of your course that will provide some of the information you will be giving in your eBook and your course.
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      That's the "freebie" part...

      I'm wondering what to do for the autoresponder series of emails after that?

      Keep pushing the same 2 products at the end of every "blog update"?
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    Hi BK,

    No matter what you sell product or service wise, kill 'em with value. Load your autoresponder with helpful content designed to solve people's problems. Trust builds. People buy into you, then over time, gradually buy your 1....or 2....products.

    Focus on service. The getting aka sales occur more easily if you over deliver, help folks through your emails and worry little about making sales.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • I would add two more upsells to your autoresponder in the same niche. For example, a high end webinar and a mastermind. Something of that sort. You wont sell as many as the cheaper two items but you don't need to sell as many to reach your goal.
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