Long Term Newbie Finally Getting Clarity!

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What's up Warriors - I've been lingering in the shadows for the past few months, finding threads on Google but never really getting stuck in...

Now I've finally become a member and been spending a few hours scrolling through threads...

All I can say is that the info on this forum is unreal!!

So for the past year and a bit I've been dabbling in email marketing for weight loss - yes weight loss as a 'niche'... I didn't understand that I needed to be a little more specific than that LOL

Anyways over the last year I've spent a few hundred quid on FB ads gathering my leads and I've made about 5 sales all tolled - pitiful!

Finally now it's all starting to click how simple the process is:

- Find a niche that ideally combines two markets
- Have an attractive bait that solves a specific problem (not too broad)
- Give great value and build authority and trust with your list
- Sell them your own and affiliate products

A big mistake I think I've made in the past was seeing this whole IM thing as a hobby I could dip in and out of without fully committing seriously, which seems like a pretty common rookie error...

Also first of all I tried to sell my own product off the bat while trying learn all the other areas at the same time...

Now I think it's kinda clear to learn to convert people with PROVEN products before creating my own... agreed?

Also one thing I struggle with is feeling the need to constantly send out emails for the sake of staying relevant to my list.

Anybody got any words of wisdom they'd like to share?
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    You dont need to sell your own products, they are plenty high quality products that already exist that you can promote.
    Yes, you need to treat your IM business as a real business, doing this part time or half assed will never yield you any real money.
    You have to keep emailing, direct promotion, cross promotion, adding more data, targeting data, and keep building out your funnel and auto responder series.
    This is the only way to be successful doing this.
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      Thank you ProducerK, that was the reassurance I needed!
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  • It sounds like you are heading in the right direction.

    Just because you don't have any product to pitch to your list doesn't mean you cannot connect to them on a weekly basis.

    If you have a list of subs that don't opt out, you are doing something right. Don't burn the list, they could be loyal subs because you are not driving product down their throat at the beginning of every email.

    Start figuring out ways to give them useful content they can use along with a pitch and they will stay with you long-term.

    Keep up the good work.
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      Thanks for your reply Discover Ecommerce!

      Yeah I'm definitely starting to see where you're coming from.

      I think I've had a huge mental block for such a long time saying "it can't be this simple" but the more I practice and the more I learn the more I realise it really is this simple... It just takes persistence and constant moving forwards.

      Thanks again for your reply
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