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Hi everyone,

I want to start an email campaign to increase business etc..
I'm undecided between Mailchimp, Zoho or Mailerlight..
Any ideas? What would/do you use?

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  • I've only used Mailchimp.

    I like Mailchimp, but I had to watch a few videos to figure out how to get my campaign started. Its easy now.

    However, you cannot use affiliate links in Mailchimp (at least in the free subscription), just keep this in mind. It's in their terms and conditions which nobody usually reads.
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      Mailchimp seems to be the most popular, zoho has a few more features but I will probably give both a try and see what works best for me.
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    I personally prefer Mailchimp. The analytics are pretty straightforward and easy to understand, and I also like that the templates that are available. Just make sure that you do thorough research before deciding on a brand. When I was trying to decide which software to use, user review guides like this one helped me narrow down my choices: Also, another plus to using MailChimp is that it isn't confusing to navigate.
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    Depending on the size of your mailing list Mailchimp can be expensive. If you have 50K emails on your list then mailchimp can cost around $240 per month to use.

    I always prefer self hosted solutions. At present mailwizz is the best I have seen. One off license fee and then you a free to use any SMTP providers of your choice. Additionally you own your own data and no limits on list sizes.
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  • Since my last post I have changed over to GetResponse. Not that MailChimp was bad, I was just starting to limit me. I have been happy with GetResponse so far. Easy to figure out and get going.
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    SendGrid lets you send 40,000 Emails for Free for 1st Month.

    You can use Mautic (Free) with PowerMTA (Free Trial) and 1 Year Free Tier of SES Amazon services to send unlimited emails.

    Best of luck.

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    I'm still lost on this...

    I want to send one sales email to 1000 different emails per day.

    I think Gmass looks promising
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      Originally Posted by Triple 888 SEO View Post

      I'm still lost on this...

      I want to send one sales email to 1000 different emails per day.

      I think Gmass looks promising
      You could use Gsuite / Gmass and send up to 2000 emails per day.

      You could also go with something like MailWizz with a cheap VPS in place of Gmass.

      Another option is Getresponse and would give you 1000 contacts / unlimited emails per month.
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    For online marketing funnels, GetResponse is feature rich.
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  • I would have to recommend, rather than Mailchimp, Convertkit, Zoho, or similar competitors. Why? Because it offers the same functionality, just for a lower price.

    Automation? Check.

    Dedicated IP's? Check.

    Live support? Check.

    Drag and Drop editor? Check.

    Advanced reports? Check.

    What's best, everything is included even in the Free plans, there's no need to overpay.
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