Please help - Wanting to starting a small online business by sending articles to audience

by Navid
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I need some feedback from those who can help me a bit by giving me advice . I have been interested in something and would like to see if it's possible interms of demand and other logistics . Firstly i own a group on Facebook about the topic of life after death that has 14 thousand members and I was wondering if I could send life after death related articles to those interested in my group on a weekly basis for a monthly fee for say 99 cents ( example ). So the deal will be that I will send them 1 article a week from the web about any life after death related stuff including Near death experiences , Death bed visions , Share death experiences . It seems those who are into this genre are always searching for hope and I am obviously going to send them articles that are positive . Why would they pay a dollar or 99 cents ? Because they are getting those articles delivered to their inbox every week without having to search for them on the web . I will go lower than 99 cents if advised .The thing is I have tried really hard to work online but my disability and physical condition makes it impossible to do anything because i require a tremenndous amount of flexibility . Since I already have members in my Facebook groups who may be interested all i need is around 300 people signing up . Considering how difficult it is for me to work online this would be a dream for me and the money really would help

1. Do you think there could be a small demand for this ? Remember I am not looking for thousands of subscribers .

2. I will be sending them articles that are written by other people so is there any risk in that ? Someone i spoke to adviced that I should attach a note to the audience that I am not taking credit for the articles since I am not the author of the articles

3. Would this kind of stuff fall under 'email marketing' ?

Please give me some positive news guys. As long as there is a small demand for just a dollar a month i can work something out
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    Guys please gimme your thoughts
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    Do you understand that you'll have transaction fees (ex: 2.9% plus $0.30 USD)?

    So, for $0.99 you'll end up with about $0.66.

    As far as money goes, at the very least charge $1.99 to cover the transaction.

    This assumes you can sell the subscriptions.
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  • I'll leave how much you will charge to you.

    With a Facebook group that big, you could run a "Poll" for your group, asking if who would be interested in the idea.
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      I plan exactly on doing that first thanks .So there could be a demand for this ? What else should I be warned or advvised about ?
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    I would like more feedback please
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