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I've heard the aphorism over and over "the money is in the list". I've wanted to get more involved in affiliate marketing, but I really want to focus on building an email list first rather than spending time on Facebook and message boards posting my links. If what I've heard is true, then the way to make real money is by having a list, then marketing to these people over and over.

Are there any consensus best ways to build an email list? It's been suggested that I write a short eBook and give it away for free in exchange for an email. First, I get on their good side by providing valuable content for free up front, then I've got another name to add to my list.

Are there any other good methods? Are there effective ways to build an email list on Facebook?

I feel pretty confident in my ability to write some pretty good emails pitching my products, but I just don't know how large of an email list I should have.

Another thing I'm not sure about is just how targeted your email list has to be. I could gather a lot of different emails, but I don't know how closely all these people's interests align.

Assuming I write good emails and have a good marketing strategy, is there a ballpark figure I could realistically expect to make each month depending on how large my email list is?

What could I expect to pull in from 500 emails? 5000? 20,000?

I'm just trying to get a sense of what I can expect and how large I should strive to grow my email list.

Thanks ya'll.
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    There is no average that you can expect to make per email. There are just too many variables that will affect what one will average. There are also no guarantees either. There are many marketers that have built lists and struggle to make money with them.

    However, there is nothing better in my opinion than list building (been doing it for over 17 years) for the main reason you can market to them over and over and I will add, very inexpensively.
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  • I really believe you need to build a list to be successful especially with affiliate marketing. The profitability of your list depends on how much your list trusts you. You need to build trust from the beginning. If you do this your list should become more profitable over time.

    If you don't like this method you can try another method, but you will burn through your list faster. This means you will constantly have to find new subs. However, with this method you are trying to find a sub for a particular niche. Once they opt-in you will have a series of about 3-4 emails that each promotes an affiliate product in that niche. Each product being of a different dollar value.

    book: $10
    Coaching: $1000-$2000
    Mastermind: $2000+

    Once they are through this series of emails they will have either bought something from you or not want anymore emails. But thats whats suppose to happen with this type of "Sale, Sales, Sales" strategy.

    To answer another question, yes you should have a free "something" to give someone to opt-in as a sub. It doesn't have to be a book. It could be a templet, or some type of free helpful information people would want.
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    It is not the size of the list it is the size of your relationship with your list...

    Don't focus on the numbers, just give real value and it will happen...

    There is no # of subs = amount of money formula...

    Promote good products to a list that believes in you and your message and you will win...
    Time is your most valuable resource ... do not waste it...
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  • Here are two ideas for new subscribers:

    1. Offer a free sample/freebie for subscribing. It has to be something of use to the person, so he would feel thankful for subscribing, keeping him engaged at least for a while, giving you time to convert.

    2. Create and market a contest, where each new subscriber is entering a giveaway/contest to win 500 - 1000 dollars gift card. Of course, he has to spend it in your site.

    Can't tell you which will work better in your case, but they will both do the job.

    NOTE: The second one will be less pricier than the first one.
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    I understand and liked the suggestions made above. But, where do I present my lead magnet?

    Google adwords to squeeze page, fb ads...? Somewhere to break even.
    I have the same questions as the OP. Where to find those customers? (besides free methods)
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    There is no figure that you can just guess. The first thing is the money isn't in the list, the money is in the relationship you have with list.

    With online marketing you have to understand that people are not concerned about you the only thing they care about is how you can help them. Start helping more people and you'll begin to make more money.

    I took a long time to learn this. It's all about helping people. Selling is about giving. Give first and the money will follow.

    Find out what the people on your list want to know more about and give that to them. A quick way to do this is to survey your list. Really understand the people you are marketing to on that list and you will literally have a cash printer.

    Hope that helps.
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    Going to give you some food for thought as far as lead magnets go...

    Put yourself in the mind of the person reaching your squeeze page. They think to there self... Why does the blah blah blah have to be emailed to me? Why can't I just download it?

    If the answer to the above question is... because they just want my email address... Then it's not a really good lead magnet.

    Provide lead magnets that actually have a need to be emailed. For example...

    1. Q&A products.
    2. Free memberships.
    3. Email courses.
    4. Newsletters.
    5. etc...

    If the product actually needs to be emailed, you will get a lot more people willing to give you their email address.

    ebooks can work, but they need to be very specific, super high quality and not easy to find anywhere else.

    Give people a legitimate reason to give you their email address.
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    Yes, you need to build a list. But you also need to know how to market to that list. Copywriting is very important whether you have your own product or sell things as an affiliate.
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      Thanks guys for sharing Lead Magnets I'm also looking for ways to collect mail through facebook but guess there is no options for me.
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    Let me be clear about one thing.

    The money is NOT in the list, it's in what you do with it. If you have 100,000+ people in your list & 90% of them don't engage with your emails, then your list is just a piece of junk.

    But if you have 5,000 people in your list & 70% of them engage with your emails, then this list is really valuable.
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    write an ebook that becomes and authority in your niche. Publish it on Amazon and including links to your landing page. Capture emails in exchange for joining your facebook group. Market to the email list and facebook group simultaneously.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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  • It has been mentioned on several occasions before but is well worth reiterating that the key to email marketing is the relationship.

    Send emails that educate/entertain/amuse that help build the rapport and it will make people more likely to invest in whatever you are promoting.

    Understanding this has enabled me to appear on leaderboards ahead of marketers with much larger lists than me.

    That said, to pick up on another point you made, the more defined the interest of the list is, the better chance you have of offering them something that they will want to invest in.

    For example, if you have built a list by offering an ebook on how to do affiliate marketing correctly, you can be very sure that any time you offer anything 'affiliate marketing' related there is a good chance that a large proportion of the list will take notice.

    However send the same list an SEO related offer, and a much smaller proportion will have any interest (and a greater number will unsubscribe).

    I hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions.

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    I really believe you need to build a list to be successful especially with affiliate marketing.
    Offer a free sample/freebie for subscribing. It has to be something of use to the person, so he would feel thankful for subscribing,

    1. Q&A products.
    2. Free memberships.
    3. Email courses.
    4. Newsletters.
    5. etc...

    Send emails that educate/entertain/amuse that help build the rapport and it will make people more likely to invest in whatever you are promoting.

    Need help with building Online business ?
    Private message me and I will coach you for free.

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    I highly recommend this free training from one of the best in email marketing: <<< Not an affiliate link

    It's a free series done by the great Andre Chaperon.

    This should give you some basic ideas of what to do and NOT to do and then you can grow from there.

    Good luck!

    Dream big. Work hard. Have fun.
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    Consistently publishing on topic, helpful blog posts and building your friend network by helping out other folks in your niche are 2 sure fire ways to grow your list.

    The money is not in the list, because an email list is a group of inanimate numbers incapable of doing anything. The money is in the human beings you help and bond with, and on a deeper level, the money is in your non-resistance to and clarity around receiving money.

    Some ideas here to get you started on the right foot, R.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Email lists can be augmented with opt-in features on the homepage of your site that prompt users to voluntarily provide email addresses in exchange for newsletters and promotions. Twitter and Facebook can also be designed to feature opt-in sections, and requiring a name and email address for access to highly-informative industry content like whitepapers is also effective.
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