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We are looking to create a master list connected to groups and would like some assistance.

Our organization has a parent company and 5 sub divisions. We would like to have a master list that all sign ups are connected to that will receive a overview newsletter. When customers sign up from 1 of the 5 divisions we would like for them to get that divisions newsletter plus the parent companies. If the customer unsubscribes from one of the newsletters there name is kept in the other.

How would this be done?

Customers would be able to sign up to all 5 divisions if these choose but can unsubscribe from one or more if they wish. This will be covered in out privacy policy that signing up for a division also signs up to the parent which is the same business.

Thanks in advance
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    May be a silly question - but have you asked Mailchimp? We seem to have a lot of customer service questions about MC - makes me wonder about the quality of their instructions and help desk.

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    Unfortunately, you cannot achieve this using the standard tools available in MailChimp. For one, if you have multiple sign-up forms most likely you'll need to manage multiple lists since MailChimp only allows one sign-up form per list.

    However its possible to pull off multiple sign ups to one master list using custom forms in tandem with MailChimp's REST API.
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