What is the best self-hosted autoresponder software?

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Does anyone have experience with self-hosted autoresponder software? Which one do you use? What are the pros/cons associated with it?
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    Have you tried using Mumara? I have had excellent success with that lately.
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    The problem would be deliverability.
    You will have to use 3rd party email delivery service (such as Amason SES, SparkPost, SendGrid or MailGun). While Amazon charges about $0.1 per 1000 email sent, others charge $.5 to $.7 per 1000 emails sent.

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    I've personally never used a self-hosted solution but you could consider using a reliable sending software.

    Using a reliable sending software means you can focus on the content and message of your email and not the 'back-end' of the sending.
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    If you can move from self-hosted to the hosted version may be, the second concern of Deliverability can be addressed with new version of Mumara as well. Mumara has launched a new SaaS version of their email application naming it CampaignsPlus, it is currently hosted and would be deployed on a cloud instance after you purchase it.

    The best thing of this application is that you can have multiple sending option whichever you find the best suitable for the delivery. So far the app offers integration with Mailgun & SendGrid email relay. So basically you can concentrate on the content and engagement level of your email, while deliverability can be managed through the best deliverability services.

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    I have been using Sendy with Amazon SES for years now. Works great, have excellent deliverability and love it.

    The only thing I would love to see is better support for SMTP services with the Sendy script.
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    Hello, umm ofcourse there are various software which you can use.
    there is mailchimp and then there is amazon, they are very good but expensive. I tried Mumara as well, their campaigns plus but it was not self hosted, the features were pretty awesome though. But for hosted solutions, Nothing beats mailchimp. secondly mumara might as well launch a selfhosted version for campaigns+, as in this is what their support guy said.
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    I like PHPlist. It just works.
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    I've been using mailwizz for 2 years now.

    + integrates with lots of 3rd party sending servers
    + easy to install and run on your own VPS
    + awesome forum, great developer
    + solid script, clean code; can hire developer to write code for apps
    + cheap
    + API for real time email verify - keep people from subscribing with emails that will bounce
    + bounced emails are blacklisted / unsubscribed automatically

    - no A/B testing
    - only very simple marketing automation, can segment list, can add "send campaign after campaign open"
    - setting up campaigns is time consuming
    - you have to resend to unopeners manually, by creating a new campaign
    - no easy way to handle suppression lists

    I tested Mumara self hosted for a month, but there were several things I never got to work properly. Support was lukewarm at best.

    I never found out whether bounced emails got unsubscribed or blacklisted automatically, in my installation they were not. Mumara kept on trying to send to hard bounced mail addresses.

    Mumara is also about 30x more expensive than mailwizz. So the decision to stay with mw was a no brainer.

    I also used sendy for a while. It was ok, but support was lacking, in fact the vendor eventually just refunded me and kicked me out instead of trying to fix the issues I had.

    I heard some good and some bad things about nuevomailer. I just remember there was some "everyday task" that you needed to go into sql and mess around in your database. This seemed too error prone to me, so I never tested nuevomailer in the end.
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    There are so many autoresponder software available, from that i have given few of them. You can use any one software according to your need.
    Dada Mail
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    Campaigns+ Self-Hosted

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    You could just use a full marketing automation platform. Mautic is open source free to self host: https://www.mautic.org/
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    Autoresponder email is a great tool must be owned by every Internet Marketer and blogger to promote their product/service. It is more efficient, more saving and more powerful compared to other promotion tools.

    Switching your campaigns to self-hosted services can save thousands of dollars which is why a lot of organizations are actively opting for it.

    Benefits of Self-Hosted Autoresponder
    Why are we more prefer to choose Self-Hosted Autoresponder? This is the reasons.
    You freely can import/export your list without limitation.
    Cost maintain every month based on your hosting fee.
    No need to worry about list increasing.
    You can do anything on your list.

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    Switching your campaigns to self-hosted services can save thousands of dollars which is why a lot of organizations are actively opting for it.Here are the three best auto responder softwares.
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    There are so many alternatives available for Mailchimp you can use anything you want for your business purpose.
    1. Getresponse
    2. ActiveCampaign
    3. Sendinblue
    4. Mailchimp
    5. sendy
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    I can vote for interspire! atomic mail and sendblast is dead right now! (IMHO)
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      Originally Posted by IMisland View Post

      I can vote for interspire! atomic mail and sendblast is dead right now! (IMHO)
      basically, this all are sender role.
      interspire is self hosted, atomic, sendblaster is desktop apps. Any reason you said they are dead?

      in term of sending result or in term of the developer/company dead?

      just curious.
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    I just handle all emails manually. Same as phone calls. All manually.
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