How does a domain name gets blacklisted ?

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I had in the previous months my domain name blacklisted when i uploaded and sent bulk list of emails through mailchimp !

Therefore, i would like to know exactly how does a domain name gets blacklisted :

- Is it because Mailchimp reports you to a certain organization when it notices suspicious activities of spam ?
- Is it the users that receive the content from that report you somehow ?

If possible i wanna know exactly at what point and who's reponsible for the blacklisting matter ?

It's very important for me to know the trigger event for the blacklisting, thank you very much for your help !
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    Hi kurosaki4d,

    Here is a snippet from a post that may help you...

    "There are lots of ways you can end up on a blacklist, but it often has to do with email. If your emails get marked as spam, or ISPs see a sudden increase in email volume coming from your domain, you could get blacklisted.
    Blacklists are intended to protect against harmful or malicious content, but they're not perfect. If you think you may be on a blacklist, don't worry, it's usually temporary. Usually, you'll be removed after some time has passed and there aren't any lasting effects."

    The full post...

    Basically, if you upload a bulk list of emails that you did not generate yourself, then you are asking for trouble in my opinion anyway.

    I know that does not answer your question specifically, but you might try asking your ISP.

    I might also add that if you are on shared hosting, then you are risking blacklisting everyone else on that server too.

    This is how I have found myself on a blacklist in the past.

    Cheers, Mal.

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      I appreciate the informations you've provided me with, this is certainly helpful !

      Indeed they do tend to ban your domain name, your ip address of your machine and even your ISP list of ip addresses range !

      But what's still unclear to me is how Spamhaus detects your activity as a spam, how do they keep track of you ?
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    The main thing that happened here is that you uploaded a bunch of emails that mail chimp did not see you collect through their optin services.

    And then you send out a bunch of emails all at once.

    What autoresponders look for is users to build a list through there service gradually that way you are sending few emails at first and then gradually building them up in time.

    Especially if you bought this list from someone else and then uploaded it to your autoresponder that is a BIG NO NO! And if you do mail to this list you will be a SPAMMER no questions asked, because that list never signed up to your list individually.

    Now if this was your list and it came from somewhere else you were hosting them, then you would still need to gradually mail to them a little at a time.

    For instance, if you list was 1,000. When you upload to the new autoresponder (Mail Chimp) in this case, you should maybe mail out to 100 the first few days, then 200, the next few days, then 400 the next few days. I think you get the picture here.

    This way Mail Chimp won't see you as a spammer.

    And to answer your question about how they see you as a spammer is simple. The people you sent those emails to report you to mail chimp, because they don't know who you are if you bought that list. And believe me...if people see unwanted emails they won't just unsubscribe they will report you as a spammer!

    Hope this helps!

    Ronnie Rokk Smith
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    A blacklist is a list used by receiving networks to judge a given IP and/or sending domain's reputation. These lists are run by anti-spam groups and most blacklistings are the result of sending Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) to addresses that never asked for it.
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      Apart from the act of sending bunch of emails at once, are there any restrictions such as content of the email to be easily marked as spams. I appreciate any of your sharings. Thanks the post too.
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        Yeah i would like to know that aswell !

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    The other big red flag is if you get an inordinate amount of "unsubscribes" or they are marked as spam and bounce back.
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      I see, but what if someone hits the delete button will that have the same impact as a red flag and bounce back to me ?
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    A blacklist is a list used by receiving networks to judge a given IP and/or sending domain's reputation. ... If your domain appears as blacklisted, we recommend you contact our Delivery team immediately.
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      Thank you for your answer,

      When you say a domain name gets blacklisted, which one gets blacklisted is it the name ? or the just the ip ?
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    Most people know that if you send spam, your email server's IP address will soon end up on a blacklist.

    You probably also know that if your server is in the same
    "neighborhood" (IP range) as another server that sends spam (like in a
    shared environment at your ISP), then your server could get blacklisted

    But not a lot of people know that your domain name can get blacklisted. If that happens, it doesn't matter where you send your email from. If spam filters simply find your domain name in the email's content, the message will get blocked.

    The idea is that if you're an evil spammer (or just a really sloppy company), and you pay affiliates to go out and spam on your behalf, your company's name and reputation can get tarnished right along with theirs.

    They call it "spamvertising," and you do not want to be labeled as a "spamvertiser." You'll end up on a "URI Blacklist" or "URI Block."
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    Lots of great answers here on how you can get blacklisted.

    This article may also be helpful:

    If you uploaded a cold email list (or purchased email list) to MailChimp that definitely contributed to you getting blacklisted as MailChimp doesn't allow sending to those types of contacts. You'll want to google the right email sending provider who can email purchased lists.
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