Am I promoting Clickbank University correctly with Solo Ads

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I would like to know if I am promoting Clickbank University products right using the right clickbank e-mail swipes (which they provide on their affiliate tools page) with the right solo ads. I am using my free order guarantee from the Solo Ad Vendor. I am getting some clicks but I have not gotten any orders yet (He did guarantee that I will get an order, since this is for the Make Money Online Niche)This is the E-mail swipes I am using (below):

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Am I promoting it to the right list ? Am I doing it correctly ? should I use a different e-mail swipes or one of my own personally ? I mean is this a numbers and patience game and business ? Please help me here and let me know what is it I am doing wrong or what I need to do and think.

Thank you
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    Hi Anthony,

    First of all, there is no right or wrong way to promote. Well, there is but you know what I mean. It's really just about testing and testing until something blows up. So if something doesn't work the first time try something different.

    Maybe try re-writing the e-mail scripts yourself, something different than other affiliates who just copy and paste the e-mail scripts.

    Or maybe it's just the Solo Ad vendor. Just try another vendor.

    I personally stopped using Solo Ads as they are just so unpredictable and all the traffic is usually cold traffic. I have heard stories of them being fantastic for other marketers so just do what works for you! Test! Test! Test! You eventually find the right formula and then everything is going to be easy after that.

    I've started using Bing Ads with success for Clickbank Products myself.

    Another thing I've noticed is that you are directing the customer directly to the affiliate offer. While this works on occasion, I suggest creating a landing page.

    So in your e-mail send them to your Landing page link instead of an affiliate link. You can then offer some kind of value to the customer on your page (for example: Free PDF on Affiliate Marketing) in exchange for them giving you their e-mail address.
    Some Clickbank products have these kind things you can give away on your opt-in landing page. If they don't, just write your own content specific to the niche your promoting. Anything on that page that will convince them to give up their e-mail address.

    Even if they don't buy the product right away, but opt-in to your e-mail list, you can then retarget those people until they eventually convert. If you send them straight to the offer and they do not buy, then you've lost that customer forever. 90% of people won't buy the first time. Building an e-mail list is incredibly important!!

    I hope this all makes sense, I'm rambling on here.

    So, in this case, you are using Solo Ads, so you purchase a certain amount of clicks and it should go something like this.

    SOLO AD ----> Landing Page(Opt-in page)---->Thank You Page(Not Necessary but what I like to do) -------> Clickbank Offer
    ------> Retarget Opt-ins with Daily E-mails on how great the product is.

    I really hope this helped! And hopefully, it made sense. I'm pretty passionate about this stuff and I start to ramble on. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me!

    Good Luck on your Journey!

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      Hello Kyle,

      The thing is I am getting the clicks, I am just not getting any sales/commission from promoting Click Bank University Products. So I just got to do Trial and Error, then, over and over again. Well the Solo Ad Vendor is nice enough to keep his promise to keep his guarantee, of a free order if not getting the results that I want and he says (Getting Sales and/pr commission). So it's either the solo ads or the wrong list or targets (in some way). A Internet Marketer told me I don't need an Autoresponder (Get Response) to promote other peoples products for affiliate marketing. Please tell me and help me out here, also let me know if he's right or wrong about that part.

      Thank you
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        How many hops have you had so far to the product?

        I see that CB University is a product with recurring commissions so that might be one reason why its hard to sell as its not just a one time purchase.

        Originally Posted by Anthony Parlade View Post

        A Internet Marketer told me I don't need an Autoresponder (Get Response) to promote other peoples products for affiliate marketing. Please tell me and help me out here, also let me know if he's right or wrong about that part.

        Thank you
        That is correct if you are using free traffic, but if you are using solo ads then an Autoresponder is essential. Also, with any other type of paid traffic its hard to make a profit without a list because most people don't buy the first time they visit a sales page.

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    Hmm, the problem with swipes is that while direct response copy works for sales pages, if you're emailing every single day, it's gonna get old after a while. So why should they buy from you? Why should they buy from you when they can buy from anybody else? What makes your email unique, fun, engaging, exciting? That's why I don't like swipes, it just sounds canned, like anybody can write it, no matter when. Check out Ben Setttle's stuff, and try to add your personality to the emails in general. That's the only way you can win long term.
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