How do i prevent my emails from going to customers spam?

by Edi98
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Im using get response for my email marketing and i did a test run on my own email to see how the emails would look. Turns out they are all going to spam and im not sure how to prevent that. I also would like the customer name to pop up in the email for a more sentimental greeting. Any help?

Thank you all
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    You have to get each person to whitelist your emails address that you are sending with.


    The best way to get them to whitelist you is to tell your customers to add the email address you are sending emails with to the contacts in their email program they are using.


    In Getresponse you have to use the first name tag --> [firstname] <-- as shown here at the beginning of the emails, but remember this will only work if your squeeze page had the first name field form to fill out along with the emails field when they opted into your list. If you didn't it will show "friend" in it's place.

    So your letter would look like this when you write it

    Hey [firstname],

    How are you...

    And they will see...

    Hey Joe,

    How are you.

    Hope this helps!

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    If your emails contain certain keywords, such as pharmaceuticals, cryptocurrencies, etc... they will be driven to spam. Also, if the emails are going to your own spam folders, then that might be an issue with your own spam filters and not universally true.

    Depending on the sofware you are using, it should be easy to get {first name} to appear in the email.
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      Yeah its really odd because not every email went to my spam
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    If you are using affiliate links, you should cloak them, clickbank and Jvzoo affiliate links are flagged as spam by most email services.

    Another point is, make your email more personalised and natural (dont make it look salesy). I have noticed when i use the subscriber's first names and also use the word "you" and "your" I get better inboxes, and even avoid the promotions tab on Gmail.

    Just make it look like you are sending an email to your friend.
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    Before promoting, write some warm stories.
    Like the advertisement we see everyday,

    An opening, a dilemma, a solution, and a smile in the end.

    And avoid using email curse words.
    Hope this helps.
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    it happen sometime specialy when you start mailing with new domain or IP or with new ESP normaly to further understand i suggest you to read Why Emails Land in spam or junk folder article.
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    You can tell your subscribers to whitelist your email at the footer of every email.

    That way they will know your emails and what to do the way you want them to.
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    Stop using some keywords that are considered to be exploiting by mail service. Such emails are automatically sent in spam mailbox. IF you avoid using such keywords then will appear in normal Inbox.
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      Definitely doubling down on this idea will help you avoid the spam folder.

      Be genuine. Be honest. Be less concerned with manipulating folks to give you money and those spam red flag keywords disappear from your vocabulary.
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    Originally Posted by Edi98 View Post


    Im using get response for my email marketing and i did a test run on my own email to see how the emails would look. Turns out they are all going to spam and im not sure how to prevent that. I also would like the customer name to pop up in the email for a more sentimental greeting. Any help?

    Thank you all
    You need to monitor and scrub your email list from time to time. Sometimes, as email marketers, we encounter many people give out junk email addresses to optin to test other funnels. If you are found sending emails to those non-existent email addresses, google will soon find you a spammer. Therefore, depending on the size of your email list you may want to clean your list once per week or bi-weekly, to ensure your email addresses are valid. There are specific tools to do that too.

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    For this problem you should check your email filter setting. If you change the setting surely you will find a solution for your problem.
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    The letter should be able to unsubscribe.
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    Hey Edi98,

    I'll leave some tactics that can help you out moving your emails from spam folder directly through the primary inbox of your subscribers.

    1. Whitelist your IP/Domain

    If your emails are already arriving on junk folder, that's a bad sign from your IP. You'll have to use some of the services available to check if your IP is blacklisted.

    Here you have some of the services to do this:
    If your IP is blacklisted, first you should analyze your email marketing tactics and identify why your subscribers are marking your email as spam.

    Some of the reasons could be:
    • They did not subscribe to your list.
    • Your emails looks like scam, too much images, too much links, etc.
    • Your are not providing a clear unsubscribing link for your subscribers.

    After that, you can go to the list where you are blacklisted and follow the blacklist removal process they suggest.

    You can find more on this here.

    Ok, now that you are not blacklisted you have to work to put your emails outside of the Promotions Tab of GMail and make your emails go to the Primary Tab.

    2. Prevent these words on subject line

    The guys at e-consultancy published this post where they provide 45 words to avoid in the subject line to prevent spam filter to activate with your emails based on several sources data.

    3. Reduce heavy HTML formats, images, links and price tags on your emails

    The folks at Chamaileon conduct a real in depth study iterating with the most important factors that could put your emails on the Promotions Tab.

    The conclusion:
    Don't use heavy HTML format, try to keep it your emails on plain text like normal emails.
    Avoid price tags combined with links and images

    Some additional recommendations (these are mines):
    • Don't abuse the use of images, one should be fine.
    • Don't abuse the use of links, one or two max.
    • Personalize when possible; to field, subject line, welcome message. Remember to handle when you have no data to personalize to preventing something like "Hello {FIRST_NAME}"

    4. Clean your email list from inactive subscribers

    Inactive members are hurting your open and click rates and that affects the deliverability of your emails.

    Your low engagement rates are enough of a signal that will cause your emails to land straight in the junk or promotions folder.

    Also, removing inactive subscribers will help you on the following:
    • Saving Money - You are wasting money on people that are not paying attention to your emails. Remember that you are paying on a monthly basis for those inactive members. Calculate the aggregated cost and you will find that you can probably use that money in other marketing channel.
    • Creating an "Exclusive Membership Effect" - Demonstrate to your subscribers that your content matters and you craft awesome content just for active subscribers.

    I know 2 ways to to this when you are using Mailchimp as your email marketing service:

    1) Manual and repeated on a time period basis to keep your list cleaned of inactive members.

    2) On autopilot using a tool [promotional link removed by moderator] to unsubscribe inactive members from Mailchimp on autopilot so you don't have to do this process manually.

    But, I don't know how to tackle this on Get Response.

    Hope you find my answer useful.


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    The name and email address that you send your email from needs to remain consistent on every single email you send. That creates brand recognition and you are less likely to land in spam.
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    If your mail is going to the spam folders, you need to look at the following...

    Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    IP / domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing. Also test username.
    Content: everything in the message body / mailing address, subject line, plus your template.

    You need to test everything step-by-step and isolate the problem and fix it.

    You ideally want to know the domain makeup of your list(s) and create seed accounts for the domains with the highest percentage of users. Then use the seeds to test your inbox placement before sending your message.

    For many, AOL, Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and parent domains using the same mx, can makeup as much as 85-90% of their list. So at the very least, you should start with them and any other seed accounts you can set up or acquire.

    For small domains / GI, which it's just not possible to get accounts for, you could set up spamassassin with razor and pyzor add-ons and use it to test with. These domains combined will typically makeup 10% or less of users lists.
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    You can ask them to whitelist your emails.

    Also at the same time ask them to create an email folder and rename as YOUR name so that everytime they received emails, they will know they are from you and not other marketers they dismissed as intrusive and spammy.
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  • This was really a great post with great information in it. I really liked the way the answers are.
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    If you are not using Email Marketing Business plan so your Mails may go in spam as Business mail plan is best and don't go in spam.
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    1.Clean Your Email List
    2. Provide a Clear Unsub Link
    3. Don't Use The Big Image
    4. Don't Sound Like a Spammer!
    5.Stop using some keywords that are considered to be exploiting by mail service.
    6.Change you ESP
    i hope this helps.
    best regards.
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    In order to prevent your emails from going to customers spam follow these steps:
    1. Research your target audience
    2. Provide unsubscribe links at the top/ bottom of your emails, so that if your prospect is not interested in hearing from you, he can quickly and painlessly opt out with having to mark you as spam.
    3. Use Different Templates: Another signal that your Email Service Provider looks at is whether you are sending the same email over and over again. Having personalization tags like First name, Company etc. can help to some extent.
    4. Don't use short URLs and any form of link tracking. They tend to have an impact when your recipient has advanced spam filters.
    5. Avoid sending attachments in your first email. If you need to, then upload to Google Docs/Dropbox etc and send the link over.
    6. Avoid using CAPS, exclamation points, multiple colors, too much HTML etc.
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    You should not use any unwanted keywords which are not acceptable by the email server. And you should attach the unsubscribe link in your mail. These are simple steps which i could tell now.
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    You should verify your email list. It's really important, cause if you send your messages to invalid emails, your letters may come to spam folder. You can try to use any of email verifier. I used to have a lot of them, and can advise Snovio, it's the cheapest one, and it works perfectly.
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    Getting them to Whitelist you is important. It is a good practice to remind them how they got on your list so they know you are not SPAM. Your sender reputation is very important. It will go down if many people mark you as SPAM. If you use a service like Aweber or Getresponse they will tell you what your SPAM score is and how to lower it before sending. There are definitely words and phrases you can find that will set off SPAM filters and you want to avoid using them
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    Firstly, make sure all your mailing-list members are genuine opt-ins. Don't buy or scrape emails.

    Then, make sure you clean your list, as that will improve deliverability.

    Initially, you need to remove any email addresses that are no longer in use, or have other problems. There are list cleaning services that do that, or for small volumes, email them manually first, then remove any which bounce.

    The second level of list cleaning is to remove anyone who hasn't opened any of your emails for a while, because email companies like Google keep track of whether people open emails from a particular source, and the more people who don't open your emails, the lower your email quality rank will be on Google and other mailers, and the more likely they are to send you emails into people's spam folders.

    Hope that helps

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    An IP is the backbone of every email marketing campaign. Having a reputed IP is something that can increase or decrease your daily email sending limits. ISP (Internet Service Provider) checks your IP reputation score for the delivery of your email. It decides whether to place your email in the inbox or in spam folder or to reject it. There are several agencies with email filtering system which track and assign scores to different IPs based on different factors. Some of the factors are:-
    1. The number of invalid recipients email addresses in your email list. Increase in invalid or unknown email addresses will increase the bounce rate of emails.
    2. The number of spam tagged email.
    3. Volumes of emails send from your IP.
    So these are factors that decide your IP score. If your IP reputation becomes poor, then it will result in poor email delivery rate.
    Let's have a look how you can fix this issue? Or If you have a new IP how to build IP reputation score?
    1. Delivery Rate: - If you have a new dedicated IP address, the best practice is to slowly warm up your IP by sending few emails. Then gradually increase the delivery rate. Never send email too fast, as it can affect your IP reputation. If you send large volume of emails in a go, then your IP may be marked a spam or get blocked.
    2. Check Your Content: - Always review the content that you are sending. Good quality content can interest the users for your services. How you can check your content quality? There are some software to check whether your message content is spam or not.
    3. Recipient Address: - Sending emails to invalid and unwanted email addresses can affect your delivery rate. So always select the targeted audience as per your business requirement. Maintain a list of good addresses.
    4. Sending Schedule: - Always send emails to all ISPs in your list on a daily basis, it will help ISPs to recognize your IP's sending pattern. ISPs keep record of your data for 30 days only, so be regular and keep warming up your IP frequently.
    If you want to build your IP reputation, always keep updating your mailing lists. It is very essential to track the bounce emails and spam complaints. Cleaning this unwanted and spam results will help you to gain the trust of ISPs, in result it will increase your delivery rate.
    Warm up all your IPs on daily basis and always maintain a scheduling pattern. Win ISPs trust and build your reputation score and in result get higher inbox delivery rate.
    note-This information is provide by,
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    I recommend you to surf the Internet and download the list of spam trigger words. I guess the most extended list is 550 Spam Trigger Words To Avoid At 2019 (, but everything changes rapidly, so I advise you to check out the newest information on your own.
    You should always make your emails as personal as possible and add unsubscribe link to your emails, so people will not inform against you and the authority of your email adress or SMTP will not get worth.
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    You have to be sure that your email does not sound like a sales pitch. Avoid spam words. Have them whitelist your contact.

    I did the same test with a weber and the email that I signed up with the service with went to the spam folder where as another email of mine except it no problem. Maybe the issues because you are using your own sign-up email as the test.?
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    You may also use a premium email provider such as Office 365 or G Suite. I have once been sending email blasts to customers using Office 365 Enterprise and only roughly 2-3% were directed to Junk/Spam. It's not perfect though, but it worked for me.
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    I agree with all of you who have suggested that you whitelist the targeted email. This is easier said than done. So I suggest that you find a way of convincing your targets to subscribe to your email. This way your messages will be dropped right in their inbox.
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    I certainly agree with you about white email. But don't enter spamming keywords in your email. Then your letters will not fall into spam.
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      I agree with you that spam words should be excluded from the letters. Then it will be more likely that your letters will not get into spam.
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