How to not lose money with solo ads

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"I just bought a 100-click solo ad (from a very good traffic vendor) and I'm not out of the rat race.. yet"

It amazes me at times when people expect to be financially free from a 100-click solo ad campaign. Heck, you can't be even from a couple thousand clicks. Sales come when you SOLVE problems (of your prospects) and not when you try to SELL to them. It's a MARATHON not a SPRINT. More about consistency and dedication.

Solo ads are just like any other traffic source, be it Facebook ads or PPC. You need to build a STRONG relationship with your leads so they consider buying your products.

If it was as easy to buy a 300-click solo ad from a quality traffic vendor of your choice and wake up to money, everyone would be a millionaire.

Remember the goal is not to make a 'quick buck' in sales but to build a very high quality email list which is an 'ASSET' for you in the long run. You MUST build a relationship with your leads so they see you as an AUTHORITY and try services/products you recommend.

Email marketing is a PROVEN business model which will stand the test of time. MONEY is in the list but the FORTUNE is in the followup!
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