5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still Such A Lucrative Industry in 2018

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1. It's no.1 for customer acquisition - This surprises a lot of people, but actually Email Marketing blows social media out of the water when it comes to conversions. Social Media is excellent for engagement and interaction but when it comes to the conversions and turning prospects into customers, Email wins, every single time!

2. Cost-effective- Sending out emails to prospects is very easy and a low cost thing to do. This is what makes email marketing such an attractive method for global businesses.

3. Action-based- Emails are very effective in getting people to take action, and this is why they are so effective in generating sales and customer acquisition.

4. Easy to personalize- It has never been easier to personalise an email to your prospects which makes them even more effective as marketing tools!

5. The smart phone - the emergence of the smart phone has taken email marketing into the stratosphere. There has never been a better time to take advantage of this as users check their emails on the go using their smart phone, 24-7 around the clock.
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    Well said,
    Email marketing still shows the strongest ROI in any of the mainstream marketing channels online, which is why so many people continue to do it.
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    I totally agree with you.

    E-mail is still one of the smartest ways to connect with our audience. E-mail will forever remain as the most authentic channel for any business communication.

    So, e-mail marketing will continue to be a leading medium for conducting business online.

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    It's becoming increasinbly important to my bottom line. In the end, my entire website is geared towards capturing emails.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    Email marketing is best source of marketing and cost effective.
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    email is most of my whole business....I deliver my paid membership courses through email....I send out a semi daily infotainment email....the first thing I do is collect email addresses....

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    I am agree and i like it because it holds a lot of traffic compared to other sources ,for example if you promote directly you get only a sale and you lose a lot of clients if you dont build an email list

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    Hey all,

    I am sending emails for US personal, payday and installment loan offers - I can't seem to get through; yielding a very low CR.

    Any e-mailers you'd recommend?
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    Email marketing has always been will always be the best online marketing channel for internet marketers, when you build a list you own these subscribers, provided you build a good rapport between you and your subscribers you can always make more money from your list. Email marketing is still lucrative if done right. thanks for the info.
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    I agree with you that email marketing is still lucrative and I believe this is an understatement. Social media marketing and text marketing is ginormous but it enhances email marketing. I believe it is growing even higher.
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