What Everyone Ought To Know About A Winning Capture Page

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Ok, this has been driving me nuts all week so I have to put this out there.

I've seen everything from full blown family pics to full blooded essays on capture pages and it just drives me INSANE!!!

Look, a capture page has ONE purpose, and ONE purpose only...to CAPTURE the lead....

-You don't need to tell your life story (save that for the sales page)
-You don't need to have pictures of you and your family at Disney world
-You don't need to have a "flashy moving video" in the background.

Keep it simple.

After split testing over 150 capture pages, I believe I'm qualified to know what converts and what doesn't.

But by BIGGEST advice to you when building your capture page...


Once you have this, they are on your sales page, they are in your follow up series!!

They are yours !!!

"Oh, but what about pre-framing the lead"

- Yes pre-framed survey style capture pages do perform well but having said that, they need to be set up right.

Think of it as an ethical bribe....You exchange whatever is on the next page for their email address (lead).

So here are my 3 tips on how to build a WINNING capture page

1- Attention Grabbing Headline

Example : FREE VIDEO Reveals How I Went From $0 to $500/day In 90 Days in 5 Simple Steps"

^^^^^ Pretty hard to resist eh (obviously make it true and remain ethical)

2- Keep it Clean!!!!! Pure white background usually works best, but most importantly keep your font CLEAN and nice, easy on the eye, aesthetically pleasing so to speak, show your prospect you are serious.

3- Do NOT over complicate- AVOID long paragraphs and tons of text etc...this is just a big no no, and it is honestly staggering that so many big companies still haven't realized this.

A capture page has one purpose and ONE purpose only - TO CAPTURE THE LEAD.

Hope this helps!!!
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