Legit list brokers or owners in Luxury or Investor Niches

by Drewvi
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Where do you find people with good large lists? Google seems to be pretty useless. Do you literally have to contact individual blog owners and orchestrate and negotiate the deals separately??? Or has someone smart consolidated a lot of those lists and cultivated them.

I have a legit source right now that is promising but its a straight pay per contact model at .05 per contact. I really want to leverage a person's 'connection' with their list to monetize it together vs just sending to a large targeted list that has 'agreed to look at offers'.

Any thoughts on this? This is for a current and lucrative ongoing offer.

I appreciate any constructive feedback. Drew
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  • Maybe you can make an ad on facebook calling some influencers
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    A reputable data provider should be able to help you out.
    There are many located in North America you can reach out too - DatabaseUSA as consumer databases.
    Hope that helps!
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