Using a gmail account with an external smtp server

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I would like to send emails from my gmail account via Sendy using my Amazon AWS smtp credentials. Is this possible? If so, can anyone direct me to some kind of instructions? I've searched high and low online and can find nothing. Thank you.
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    You would be better off using a software like Gmass to do this.
    Gmail simply provides you with some additional tools for sending out bulk email from your personal gmail account.
    It does not connect with Sendy or Amazon SES.
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      you sure? here's a message i got from sendy support just now..

      Verify your email address in your Amazon SES console. Then you can use the email address as 'From email' in Sendy to send emails (even if it is a Gmail email address).
      Lastly, please upgrade to the latest version of Sendy for further support. Later versions of Sendy automatically initiates the verification process with Amazon so you don't have to manually verify it in your Amazon SES console.
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    You are correct, although it would not be recommended to use a free gmail account in this way I don't think.
    Especially if your not using the Google SMTP.
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    Sendy is emailing software that can be used with any SMTP service either gmail or hotmail etc... but keep in mind gmail and hotmail etc... as outgoing per hour or per day limits so you can do at high quantity and Amazon SES also not allow so many emails very first day. So what to do then ? You need to look for bulk smtp server or dedicated smtp server google it and find some cheap provider and get a server from them and use that to send emails. BTW mailwizz also giving good results and many dedicated smtp server providers give that free with their service.
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