Does email list exchange anymore?

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Does email list exchange anymore?
Going back years now when people swapped lists to build theirs up.
Does this still go on?
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    I do it with certain partners, depending on what they have and what they want.
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    I'd warn you Gary; don't do this.

    Here's why....nobody on the other email list - or few folks at best - signed up for your list. According to CANSPAM and GDPR you are spamming folks who did not sign up for the list and yep, in many nations, you are breaking the law.

    From a business-building viewpoint, you violate your subscriber's trust, dilute your brand and dampen blog awareness. If you blog. I hope you do buddy. But I am biased hehehe.

    Upside? You make some money.

    Downsides? Legal trouble, spamming subscribers, emails junked, violate trust, p*ss off folks.

    Easy decision methinks

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    I don't think it works because all Internet users now care about privacy issue.
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    Believe me it still goes on.

    Just look in your email after buying a digital product.

    It's not the greatest business model to build up a quality email list.

    Do it the right way build up a squeeze page offering a quality lead magnet and start a relationship with your subscribers and move the free line down your funnel..
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    No it is not working now. It is dead now.
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