Why My Email Open Rate Is Very Low?

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One reason why my email open rate was very low:

I want to share my experience how you can improve your email open and click through rate.
The problem was not in my email copy write not because I did sent some crap to my list the problem was actually in my email delivery ! All my emails went to my leads spam folder ! That was the main reason why my email open rate is very low but what cause the problem?

The problem was in my domain name, for some reason my domain name has been blacklisted ( this is happening if you're outsourcing your marketing ) and that's why my leads get my messages to their spam folder instead of inbox. I just simply created another email inbox on different domain name and setup as default in my Getresponse account.

That was the main reason why my email open rate is very low! This is only one trick if you will of many reasons why emails open rate is very low.

I would suggest you to make a test on your opt in pages once a month to make sure that your message is delivered to the inbox NOT to spam folder.
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    If you seem to be consistently seeing open rates that are lower than what you would expect, here are some of the most common reasons:

    1. Time of Delivery-The best time to send an email is Tuesday morning. Typically, your contacts will spend Monday catching up from the weekend, and getting organized for the week.
    2. Private Domain-If the email is coming from a public domain (Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc.), the email might end up in spam which will decrease open rates
    3. Age of list-One reason for low open rates could be the list you are sending to is old/outdated. Also, list verification can be a good solution as it will remove all the invalid email addresses from the contact lists.
    4. Non Compelling subject lines-Subject lines are the backbone of your emails and the first thing the recipients see in their inbox. A good and eye catchy subject line can increase the possibility that your email will be opened.
    5. Tracking reasons

    Hope this will help you.
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    This is definitely 1 reason; blacklisted domains are a problem.

    Other reasons include:

    - not sharing helpful, thorough emails or blog posts or videos
    - not emailing your list frequently; readers forget about you
    - not staying on topic

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    They can be many reasons sometimes not writing an efective headline can be also the problem
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    Here's a link to PostUp's email deliverability solution guide for a list of best practices into getting a high inbox percentage. Hope yall can find this useful

    [URL="http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/170422/Downloads/PostUp_Solution_Deliverability.pdf"]Email Deliverability solution Guide
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  • Can you share your emails open rate?
    Cause when I started, I thought there was something wrong with my emails delivery, having a low open rate.
    Reality is that email marketing is a bad beast, and around the 80% of your emails end up in a black hole.
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    Hi! How high is your bounce rate? It is very common, that when you send out email campaigns to a list of poor quality, you get a high bounce rate, and end up blacklisted. Therefore it is crucial to verify your emails list, and clean it from any invalid emails! You can use tools like usebouncer dot com, or do it manually, however it is quite risky to do so.
    Good luck!
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    This was really a great information which is very useful in solving out the problem in email marketing.
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    Low open rate is very very common, just like you when bombarded with unexpected ad emails, emails you're not interested at, or from emails you knew but they're not important at that moment (time is gold to some)... you barely open them didn't you? I also share this guilt as I also don't normally open emails even from websites I've saved and willingly subscribed. I don't care about their amazing offers when I'm not in the mood. Many of my customers knew me and eventually trusted me as they've bought my stuffs over and over again and I had good contacts with them but every time I send them 'free' updates or eye watering offers with cool title in the subject line, only small percentage of them opened it. I've also tested my emails to several email addresses and they all went straight to the inbox not spam folders... so yeah, email marketing is quite complex - time of sending emails should be considered like in the morning where people love opening emails early on while having their coppa, and so on. Attracting subject line is also important but what is even more important is these people should know where the email came from.
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    you can use some other bulk mailing or bulk response software, inorder to get the result of the client.
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    4 Reasons Your Email Open Rate May Be Low:
    1. Your Headlines Are no Effective
    2. You Aren't Giving Customers What They Want.
    3. your emails are getting caught in spam filters.
    4. may be your emails are not responsive (Mobile friendly).
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    There can be multiple reasons because of which email open rate is quite lower than expected:

    Subject Line: It is the backbone of your emails. If your subject line is not attractive enough then the open rate would quite less as the people won't be willing to open the mails.

    Not targetting the right audience: Its very important to send the right email to the right audience. If the audience won't belong to that segment then they may avoid your emails.

    Using spammy words: Another reason that is the most common reason is that your emails contain too many spammy words so it lands into the spam folder and receiver won't get it in the inbox. Due to this, your emails can be left unseen.
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    You can use mail-tester.com to figure out what you can modify to improve spam score.
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    The following points can be the reason of low open rates:
    1. Your subject line is not effective.
    2. your email templates is not responsive.
    3. your emails are getting caught in spam filters.
    best regards.
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    I test inbox placement before sending any message.

    If an autoresponder series, I just delete and resubscribe my seed addresses. That way I get every message.

    You also have to make sure you're not landing in the Gmail promotions folder.

    You ideally want to know what the domain makeup of your list is and try and get seed addresses for the ones with the highest percentage of users.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    you should write your email headlines with keeping in mind to engcourage users to open your emails.
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    There can be multiple reasons that could make the open rate of your emails low.
    Subject lines: The first and the main reason is the subject line of your email. The subject line has to be so eye catchy that the receiver may not resist himself/herself for at least opening it for once.

    Not targetting right audience: Another one can be that you are not targetting the right audience. If the receiver is aren't interested in the category of your business then they won't be willing to open the mail.

    Data outdated: It might be possible that the list of email ids on which you are sending emails are no longer active. This could be a reason for the low open rate.

    Time: Time matters a lot in case of delivering emails. If you prefer to deliver emails at the right point of time then definitely you can get a high open rate. You have to analyze that time and then continue to send emails at that particular time.
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    Hello sir

    I was facing the same problem few years ago. I had a very low email rate , but later on I found that I had problem with my domain name.

    Later on I was able to fix it.
    Thanks for your information it would help many.
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    There are lot of reasons of this kind of issue. I am agree with your all points but some issues are missed like no effective headline, blacklisted posts etc.
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    There is many Reason.
    your Templates is not Good
    your heading and Content is not Effective.
    and imprve the leads ma be your leads is not Good
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