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Hi Warriors can anyone recommend a server I can use in conjunction with my Auto responder software I just bought' that is MLM and Home Biz friendly' and has reasonable send rates ?

Thanks Warriors~

P.S. Many autoresponders are now starting to not accept MLM or home Biz' A-Weber has a Huge list of companys members can't promote' even well established MLM company's the hand writing is on the wall' this WILL affect hundreds of thousands of online marketers' what is the answer??
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    It has never been considered good practice to mention anything about MLM or network marketing when prospecting, particularly by email. These terms almost always trigger a reflexive aversion and is filtered by most spam filters. It's better to first develop a working relationship with leads then take them offline for marketing and/or training.
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    How many subscribers do you have on your list? I may have a solution for you if it's under 20k.... It's fairly cheap too, for a hosted solution.

    the downside is that there aren't any of the advanced features you see in get response or Aweber like segmentation... but deliverability is good.
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    It seems to me servers from hostingsource and legionbox are worth your attention.
    Prices are low and servers are well-supported and well-balanced.
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    Maybe you should go with your own IPs. you will need to rent a vps or dedicated server. set it up to send email. with some warm up you could send more volume.
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    Almost all ESP's with delivery are not going to accept this kind of traffic.
    Only a self hosted solution is going to work, but your delivery is going to be inferior to what you would see on an esp.
    I would also be very cautious of any isp that openly tells you they can deliver that kind of content on their network, and would test heavily before making any kind of investment with them.
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