You Are Just Too Dumb!

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Hello everyone,

It has been quite a while since I last added a post to WF. I wanted to share a version of something I wrote to my subscribers recently. It is a kind of motivational post to show people that you don't have to be a techy genius to find your success online.

I wrote the post because many people were feeling disillusioned with the whole "Make Money Online" thing and would give up too early in the game.

After sending out the post - (written below) - a number of my subscribers wrote to me to say "thank you" and that it helped them to keep trying even when things got tough.

I hope that maybe it will help some people here on the forum; those of you who are maybe new to all this and finding the whole thing a little overwhelming.

Anyway, here is the post:

When I was in school aged around 8 or 9 years old, (I think that's 3rd Grade for those not in Europe), I was considered to be dumb as a sack of the teachers. At least that is how it felt.

Yeh, I went to a crappy school where I didn't learn anything except how unimportant I was!

Anyway, truth is I WAS "different" but I found out later on in life that it wasn't because I was dumber than dumb!

I got into trouble a lot because teachers thought I was not "understanding" things on purpose...that I was not completing school work on purpose.

Yeh...apparently I was just a trouble making dummy who would not amount to anything in life.

Bear in mind these are my very early experiences in school life...I was just a little boy, I hadn't even started high school yet and already I was labeled a failure...or at least I began to FEEL as though that was my destiny.

Of course, for many years after that I had to find out for myself that I wasn't as dumb as a box of Jelly Beans. Understandably, I stopped trusting people during those early years in order to discover "who" I was without other people's interfering negativity.

It was tough I can tell ya'...but it was a necessity.

As an adult, what I personally experienced would not easily go became a part of me and I had to find a way to "get by" in my own matter what others thought of me.

Like most people in life I fought and persevered.

With the popularity of the internet growing fast I then discovered "earning online" and knew this was right for me.

To earn money while I sleep and not have to deal with an egotistical boss 5 days a week....sign me up!!

I dove into this new career...and all of a sudden I was that little kid back in 3rd Grade not understanding what the hell all this is and feeling like a total dummy again.

This internet stuff is waaaaaay too hard. I will never be able to make this work. I am just not tech minded. I am not the "nerdy" type.

Did I give up?
No...I kept going, just as I did when I was that little boy in school.

Did I have doubts about whether I was ever going to be able to work from home full time?
Of course...every single day.
BUT I kept trying.

Social media is littered with ads about the dream of making money online. We're all told to chase that rainbow, because it is in reach...and IT IS in reach...BUT it will not just fall in your lap.

In the very early stages making money online can be very tough and stressful, is much easier to get into nowadays because there is so much more information out there for you to follow.

So IF you REALLY want to earn a living from home, if you have just about had enough of wasting precious hours of your life away sitting in traffic...then don't whinge to yourself about why you can't make money online.

Just suck it up and push through the "doubtful times".

That struggling little boy I once was still shows his face once in a while when I come across another problem that I have to solve within this business. But that is the nature of the business and I have learned how to keep persevering despite what others around me think.

It comes down to something very, very basic...if it is important to you, if it is what you want....then go after it.

When the doubts come, when the difficulties just keep keep believing in yourself.

I discovered one HUGE thing about this business and it is not that you need to be just need to NOT GIVE UP.

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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It makes a welcome change from all the positive motivational posts that people write, that they sourced from others online but never experienced themselves.

    NEVER GIVE UP!!! That's one of the most powerful messages you could ever learn...and it doesn't just apply to the online world of making money. It applies to everything you do in life.

    I hope others take away this POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL phrase and apply it to their lives.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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