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Hi all, I hope everyone is having a lovely day/night and that it's going great. I recently started getting into email marketing and would love to learn as much as possible.

I run an Instagram social media account called Saint Louis Events (@saintlouisevents) that I advertise locals events on. It has seen major increase in local followers which is amazing, just what I have started looking for. I have managed to turn the hobby into a small college start-up where I'm converting it to a local Social Media Marketing Agency.

I do have a question, I have three tier packages that organizers can choose to purchase which all involves addition things so I usually email the organizers a month before an event and ask them if they would like to purchase a promotion which has been great, and I have received feedback from numerous clients that their ticket sales have increased tremendously/sold out with my promotion.

How would you email market these event organizers? Would you do a HTML template? Needing as many tips as possible and it would be tremendous help.

Below, is the email template that I currently use, I do believe that it is huge and doesn't draw the event organizers attention as much as I would have loved for it to.

Dear locals,

St. Louis Events is a social media promotion event start-up that specializes in expanding attendance to business/organizational events. We are a full-service events media and creative company, specializing in event marketing through our Instagram platform. Our agency is responsible for advertising the most viral, captivating and exciting events for business' in the St. Louis metro area. We see that there is an event for 'EVENT' planned for 'DATE'. By using social media to increase engagement with event organizations, we have helped tons of happy clients throughout the region.

By enthralling our followers with an exciting event as they scroll down their feeds, we generate an estimated 60% boost in engagement. We have partnered with over 100 businesses across the region and have received outstanding feedback from satisfied clients. We invite you to visit our Instagram profile to see firsthand the work we provide for our clients!

Saint Louis Events Statistics:
  • Top St. Louis Social Media Events Agency.
  • 21,000+ Local Instagram Followers / 1500+ Story impressions per day.

Our followers are primarily residents of the St. Louis & greater St. Louis area which enables the outstanding local engagement for events.

By providing business' a quick and inexpensive way to advertise events in the area, we have opened up opportunities for event hosts to increase exposure. Our goal is to bring the best customer satisfaction to all our clients and help boost attendance as much as possible. What sets us apart? Client commitment and competitive pricing. Below, we will give a breakdown of the different packages that we offer for advertising.

We have three tiers of packages, the Basic, the Plus and the Premium Packages. Our most expensive package costs $100 which will expose the maximum engagement with our users. The Premium Package includes two stories where our 21,000+ local users can purchase tickets directly along with a promotional post on our Instagram page. Please visit our website to view all of our offerings.

We hope that these packages give your business a plethora of choices on which advertising package would be most suitable for your events. We look forward to working with you to grow your business' events. Please reach out to us anytime at for further questions/details.
Would you say that the above is a good approach or is it too much text?
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    Here's what you can do for proper email marketing:
    1. Determine your goals
    2. Realize quickly that email marketing is MORE than email newsletters.
    3. Use an email template and a known newsletter provider. Most of the top email newsletter tools have built-in templates. Email HTML is vastly different from standard HTML, designing a template from scratch is time-consuming and could cause a lot of errors in different mail clients. Just choose one of the many AMAZING email templates available and customize the heck out of it.
    4. Determine the content your audience wants to hear about. Spend about 20 min - 1 hour spitting out all the ideas you can on what your audience wants to hear about. Refine your list, put it on a content calendar, and get ready to send emails about it.
    5. Choose a frequency at first, test, and optimize over time.
    6. Use a tool to collect email addresses. This could be a form on your site, a link to a landing page, pop-up plugin, survey tool, Facebook etc.
    7. Send and Optimize. This is the step where your subscribers will tell you to want they want in their inbox every week, month, etc. Here's an article with a few tricks to optimize your messages: 5 Tricks To Help You Send Messages That Convert
    8. Continue to build your list - Even if someone doesn't hand over a list of email contacts to get you started, it's fine. List building is a part of any email marketers job. There a ton of different ways to build a list, the easiest way is to use the existing network or traffic you have you on your website.
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    Write a Killer Subject Line. Nail the Preview Text. Write for the Web. Don't Shout; It's Spammy. Know Your Audience. Write Email Marketing Copy for Readers. Choose the Right Words. Use Psychology in Email Marketing Strategy.
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