How big is your list before seeing sales?

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Simple question.

How big is your list before you start seeing sales?

I am trying to grow my list but it's just 1,200 sub with no sales yet....

Was wondering how big a list I should build before seeing some results.
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    You should have made sales way before 1200.

    How are you getting your traffic?
    What are you offering on your squeeze page?
    What are you promoting?
    What are your open / click rates?
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    There is no magic number. It really boils down to two things.

    1. Does your offer align with your list?
    2. Does your list like you, know you and trust you?

    Get those two things right and you can make plenty of sales, even with a small list. Mess them up and it doesn't matter how big your list is.
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    Without much effort, you should be able to convert your list at 5%.
    If your not able to something similar to that, your offer is not aligned to your list, or your getting shaved, or a bunch of other stuff thats causing you not to convert.
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    The size of your list is not so much the issue.You might need to tweak your email copy ,might possibly have to swap products.So be creative with your list.Maybe you can host surveys polls to get feedack from your list so that you can craft your products services and emails accirding to their needs.
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    It is not a big issue but you should able to manage the whole account . Then only you can able to move to the further steps.
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    On average, every subscriber is worth at least $1. So you should make $1200 per month with your list.

    Make sure to get quality leads, people that are trusting you and know who you are and what you kind of quality products you promote.

    If you focus on acquiring these type of subs, you should see your income grow.
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    A good decent list starts at 5000 before you start getting sales, saying based no 10 years of experience. Relationship with your list matters though you may start getting sales at 1000 if you have good relationship
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    It depends on your products. But 1200 is pretty small.
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    Thanks for the inputs

    I am getting leads through solo ads at the moment. I know most subs from solo ads are tire-kickers but that's all I can afford right now.

    I may try Facebook ads to see if it's better.
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    The size of your list does not matter, what matters is the quality of your list.

    With 1200 people on your list, if it is not converting, you have a targeting issue.

    Step back and really dial in on who your ideal customer is.
    If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one.

    I know this because I have made this same mistake before and it is one of the most common reason people fail when it comes to email marketing.

    If you want I can send you a work sheet to help you dial in on your ideal customers.

    To be honest with you I just read your comment on where your leads are coming from and solo ads are your problem it goes back to knowing your target market.

    You will get much better results by adding massive value to your target market so that they get to know, lik , and trust you. Treat that list like they are your family and don't just send them pitch after pitch, you will burn them out just like a solo ad provider does.
    Help people by actually helping them will fill your bank account up faster then anything else.
    If you need any other help let me know.
    Have a great day!
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    Its your relationship with your list that matters not the size of your list. I've had a list of only about 400 and gotten sales before however that's not what I'd called the norm, if you'v got over 2000 and not getting sales then there might be a problem...

    You should be sending your subscribers value first such as videos, blog posts, ebooks etc.... before asking for the sale.
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  • Understand that when you pay for traffic, you're not paying for sales; you're paying for the "data".

    What is the data telling you?

    Out of 1200 people, how many actually followed up to download your offer?

    How many of them then opened up your 2nd email?

    Look at the data. That's what you paid for.

    Remember, you are ALWAYS getting a result.

    Doesn't matter if you made no sales, what matters is "WHY' you made no sales.

    1) If your landing page converted badly, then change the offer.

    2) If the landing page converted okay but only a tiny fraction of sign ups bothered to follow through and download the offer, then your funnel either wasn't congruent all the way throughj, or the list you bought was shit.

    3) If your first few emails were being opened, but then there was a sudden drop off, then your emails are not resonating with your subscribers, or maybe you're sending them to hyped up shitty offers.

    In all honesty, there could be many reasons why you haven't made any sales yet, and without a look at your process, no one here can tell you why that is.

    Now, I can tell you ONLY from my experience that you should absolutely be making sales from a 1200 email list. However, even saying that I have to assume people are even opening your emails in the first place.

    Personally I think solo ads are shit in general... because they have to be low quality lists if the seller wants people to keep clicking on random links to download free stuff all the time.
    Saying you are overwhelmed because there's too much information,
    is like saying you're fat because there's too much food.
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    You should start seeing sales from day one, with your first 100 subscribers.

    If you don't, it's because you haven't set an anchor in your first email and framed future offers/promotions by using that anchor.

    What is an anchor?

    It's a soft mention of your product/service in the very FIRST email you send them to deliver your freebie.

    This anchor sets the tone that you're going to sell to them and puts them in the frame of mind to being open to offers on day one.

    It also sets the stage for the pricing of future offers.

    If your anchor is $500 or more on day one, then future offers of $47 to $97 seem a LOT more reasonable on the first send.

    Let me know if that helps?...
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