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Currently, i'm into cold emailing and as you already know there are multiple blacklisting organizations that we might get listed at !

So i would like to know if my domain name gets listed/blacklisted in just one of those organizations, does that means that my emails will fall into spam in all SMTP servers of the all world or just some of them ?

Thank you
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    If your domains are getting blacklisted, this is identifying a bigger problem with your email marketing setup.
    If your doing things correctly, then this should not be happening.
    Some of the black lists, do not matter.
    The worst offenders are going to be Barracuda, SORBS, Spamhaus, B4L, and a few others.
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      Yes i hear they are the big ones. I dealt in the past with Spamhaus and managed to unlist my domain name from them. However, if i'm listed in one of those, does that mean that i will fall into spam in GMAIL YAHOO and other mail providers inbox ?
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