Proven 7 Ways to Make Money Using Nothing More than Your List of Subscribers!!

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Building a list of subscribers is somewhat difficult when it comes to start your online business. It really deserve effort, time and and the money you spend because its a sure way of your success online, especially when you build trust and a strong relation with your subscribers.

You heard tons of times that money in the list from top internet marketers. I disagree with that because I strongly believe that Money in the valuable emails you send to your subscribers. Sending useless information to your subscribers and focusing on promo offers only will make you lose their trust and will consider your emails as spam.

Here are 7 Ways to Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List of Subscribers:

1. Place advertisements in your newsletters. "Banners and ADs"
2. Send affiliates offers related to the same niche subject of your newsletters.
3. Send pay to click links "PTC" or P4P links in your newsletter.
4. Sell your own Info products related to the same niche.
5. Sell valuable resell rights products related to niche topic.
6. Sell useful services related to the same niche.
7. Sell membership subscriptions related to the niche topic.

I'll do appreciate your reply to this post with any new ideas you may have.

End and not last:

"To be successful in life try to help enough other people to achieve the same success you desire."
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    Thanks for sharing I am starting to focus on email marketing now since I haven't made any sales(but for $1) and I realized I was trying to do everything and not master on tactic.

    I am technically a "noob" since I have yet to make $500+ consistently online.

    My current issues with the process are:
    Building the funnels
    Getting traffic
    Knowing how many emails to send weekly and how to set up the automation( I use getResponse)
    Overall: Knowing what to do daily to generate $$$
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    Yea i think also that email marketing its a good strategy as it holds the strategy but in terms of conversion i prefer youtube
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    You can email marketing used for your business and you know what he is a very different and jenerate lead I mean to say your email list is very large and very effectfull.
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    Hi All,

    I am new to this so I hope some of my recent experience fits into the 7 ways.

    Recently I purchased a license for data from a new service (I don't know if I am allowed to name it here) that I can use to start building my email marketing list. The data so far seems very good and the pricing is very cheap ($30 for 10K records). I have received over 27% subscription from my email campaigns so far.

    To use it I have to do sorting and such so that I can fine tune the lists to my product categories, etc.

    So, does this fit into responding to No. 7? if so, Is this type of pricing good?
    and is 27% a good performance?

    Will that translates to sales from subscriptions better than just selling my products from the email campaign directly?

    Hopefully, my feedback provides some food for thought on the 7 Ways.
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    thanks for sharing
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    Good copy is a must. You need enticing subject lines and content for good open rates and clicks.
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    When it comes to selling, Building a strong relationship with customers is key. i really agree with that term of building a responsive email list. its a channel to earn income. It takes time specially when you start from scratch. if you on a budget you invest to get customers.
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    The three things I learned from Mike Dillard are:

    1. Build a list
    2. Build a relationship with the list
    3. Monetize the list

    I've built up several large lists and done quite well with email marketing. I've found that if you email your list 3-5 times per week and provide a ton of value, it's pretty easy to make sales.

    I simply put whatever it is I am promoting in my P.S. line and make the email itself educational.

    I hope that helps.
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    Hi GlobalOffers,

    Excellent tips. I love your wrap up; help others to succeed persistently and generously, and you will succeed.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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