Give Me Critique On My Idea Of Building A Email Marketing Sales Funnel

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Hi everyone...

I am involved in a home business that deals with network marketing, so the product I sell is home based business opportunity to people who are looking to start a home based business or work from home .

I wish to BUILD A EMAIL LIST ...... in MMO/NM niche .... using a free lead magnet , build relationship for a few days, then make my oppty offer or affilatei product offer want to create a sales funnel to target people who are looking for work from home / home business opportunities my objective it to recruit people into my team, but I want to know how to monetize this list so I can pay for my advertising cost at the same time not everyone is going to sign up into my network marketing company so i can try to sell them on some information product. I am looking for someone that understands how to setup sales funnels and list building and selling affiliate products to my list.

Just not sure how to approach it should i get them into the sales funnel with a lead magnet free offer ........then after several warm up emails, make the MLM offer right away and then down the road offer a low priced product affiliate offer ?

What I am doing wrong here what do you recommend how to approah build a email marketing sales funnel to recruit people and sell affiliate products to help pay for my advertising ?
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    Hey my friend, I have been doing email marketing for some time. Think of an email list as a distribution center. You can sell anything to the people you have on there.. .as long as you have this : respect, trust, and report.

    Now assuming that you have dropped a metric shit ton of value on your new subscribers I would recommend your first offer be something small, to establish a micro commitment in the people who buy. this is also called a trip wire in sales funnel lingo.

    also, spread your offers out between valuable content and try to maintain a healthy open rate, click through rate, etc by engaging with your list. send out surveys occasionally and just plain ask them what they would want to learn, or even what they would be willing to buy and then give it to them!

    My business model goes like this.

    Ads -> opt in page (collect email and give away something cool and valuable for free) -> thank you page with NO SALES PITCH, just a value video congruent with the free offer, a story about me to begin the report and like-ability factors so they will actually go open the email. Also set expectations around what kind of emails you will be sending, and other info they will need (pro tip: tell them to add you to their contacts/white list your email so you don't end up in promo hell or spam)

    Then I drop some value and my first pitch is for a private facebook group membership with group coaching from me and the other members + new content and live streams weekly. $47 per month

    Then some lower end (but reoccuring) affiliate offers. $50-$500 (35%-75% commissions)

    then some JV webinars for high ticket courses $500- $5,000 (50% commissions)

    And finally my big (and main offer): Marketing agency services for those who need help or can't/don't want to do it them selves $1,000-$10,000 per month.

    Then I just broadcast email them with updates and new offers I like or products/services I offer until the leads unsubscribes or dies.

    Hope this helps!
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    I use Mailchimp, It's not perfect but it gets the job done! Hope this is helpful.
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      Originally Posted by Techyenough View Post

      I use Mailchimp, It's not perfect but it gets the job done! Hope this is helpful.
      Not very helpful. Mailchimp is likely to delete accounts that use its service for MMO or affiliate offers.

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    Originally Posted by onpointinfo View Post

    ...... in MMO/NM niche .... using a free lead magnet , build relationship for a few days, then make my oppty offer or affilatei product offer
    Hi O,

    OK that quote.

    "build relationship for a few days."

    You are guaranteed to fail. List building. Or with anything in life.

    Here's why: you need to practice for months, then years, writing and building friendships, to develop the skills to build relationships. Days? Nope. Weeks? Nope. Years? Yep.

    This is like an aspiring doctor saying "I want to polish my skills for a few days, then begin promoting my practice." Nope. People buy based on trust, and trust based on your polished skills.

    Re-work that time frame buddy to begin list building with the right energy.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Yes, you need high quality free offer to increase opt-in to your list. After that, building relationship with your subscribers by providing relevant and good content is the key. Of course, you can promote your MLM or affiliate offers in between but do not overdone.
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