SUPER LOW Aweber Open Rates?

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What's up everybody?
I just started using Aweber a couple of weeks ago.

Was using GetResponse before that but for some reason, my emails started landing in SPAM.

After I changed I thought Aweber will have better deliverability and more people will be reading my emails, but that wasn't the case.

I'm getting a maximum of 1% open rate. Haven't made ANY money for a month straight and it's pretty discouraging.

Have you guys had this problem? What did you do?

I tried changing my domain sending address but nothing works to improve the open rate.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    How old is the list and how was it created?

    Do you know the domain makeup of it and test your inbox placement?

    If you're not getting opens and the list is of valid/legit subscribers, it really comes down to poor deliverability (inboxing) and/or users are not interested in the offer (subject line).
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    What type of content are you trying to send?
    Certain industries are far more susceptible to spam filtering then others are.
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    Hi Daniel,

    How well do you know your subscribers? Have you built bonds with these human beings? If not, your emails will go to spam because they have no connection with you.

    What type of free, valuable content do you send to your list weekly, or twice weekly? Gotta email helpful free stuff to convince people to trust you and to white list your emails.

    You have only been testing your email for 1 month buddy; an eye lash in an internet marketing lifetime. Make these changes, slow down,calm down and your stats will improve.

    If you are heavily focused on making money, your ad copy is bound to set off flags that spam your emails and that lower your open rates. I suspect your energy and approach is bleeding into your copy, and this fear is at the root of your issue Daniel.
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    Well try to set p spf records maybe your inbox will get better
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    Assuming you're not blacklisted by IP, I am going to recommend switching to SENDY and AMAZON SES. You start off with the highest deliverability that way.
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  • How huge is your list ? How did you got this list ?
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    Have you talked to someone at Aweber?

    They may have some useful advice for you!

    Other than that, it may be related to a mismatch of
    who is in your list and what you've been
    sending them.

    How long were those emails landing in spam? If they've
    been doing that for months or even a year, then
    the people on the list may not remember you
    at all!

    You may want to build a fresh list (in addition to the
    one you have, and set it up separately), and see
    how that goes...

    Good luck!

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  • I have no problem using Aweber and GetResponse. The low open rate may also due to the effectiveness of the email or the responsiveness of the list.
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    You should work on your email headers and title.
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