I get almost no click rate .Why ?

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I am a beginer in email marketing and i have now like 800 subscribers ,the thing its when i send promotional emails i use offers from warriorplus network .Then i design my emial from the sales pages and i put 2 links that direct people to offer . The problem its that i get very low clicks on my campaigns .For example from 800 subscribers i get like 2 or 3 clicks
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    It is possible that they are not interested in what you have to offer or they consider your offers spam.

    How did you acquired those subscribers? Are the offers you are promoting related to your niche?
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    Hi Spartan,

    Ask yourself a few questions buddy:

    - What valuable, free content do you share via emails or blog posts or videos to inspire people to click?
    - How frequently do you send valuable emails to your subscribers?
    - Is your list targeted?
    - Do you have genuine, warm bonds with a large number of the subs? Do you know them personally? Have you chatted with them?

    Create helpful content, email to your list, and begin treating subs as human beings. Email em buddy. Be friendly. Get to know them. Ask how you can help.

    Clicks improve when you improve your content and the quality of your relationships.
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    There are some reasons I can think of:

    1. Where did your list come from? Sometimes, you have an inactive list because of your traffic sources or the way you acquired your list.

    2. Are your products/services relevant to your list?

    3. Do you often sell to your list? If you don't, your list will not response to your sales letter.

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    It's simple. There's only 2 possibilities why you're not getting clicks and sales:

    1. Your list sucks (i.e. not real people, not real emails)
    2. You're not offering them anything they want to buy.

    You don't need to build a relationship. No one interacts with a business for a relationship, they do so because they want to buy something.
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  • It could be that the subscribed because they expected something else. Maybe you didn't deliver content they way they expected or the way it was stated in your opt in.

    Maybe you happen to acquire the leads in a place, or in a way the really on related to an audience that has no money.

    It could be you copy or sales page.

    Look to change a few things up until you have a couple purchases out of 100 leads.

    You are getting a few clicks, but you should be getting more. 3 clicks out of 800 means you are not getting enough people to the sales page.
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    What's your open rate?

    Do you know the domain makeup of the list and test your inbox placement?
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    There are a number of reasons this could be happening.

    It almost ALWAYS comes down to two things:

    #1: The source of your subscribers

    #2: The content of your email

    If the source of your subscribers is not targeted and proven to have buyers, then there is no chance your list will work.

    If the content of your email tries to sell, rather than pre-sell, there is no chance at all of getting the click.

    Since you are designing your email from the sales page, it tells me that your email is selling rather than pre-selling.

    Pre-selling means to talk about the PROBLEM(S) the product solves. The link to the product becomes the SOLUTION for them.

    Even talking about the benefits in the email is a bad idea.

    When you can describe the problem better than they can, and make it hurt, that where you then put a link in your email to click.

    The sales page you send them to should do the selling.

    Also, one more thing...

    You used the word "design".

    I hope that doesn't mean you use sending HTML emails with graphic laiden content.

    I highly recommend you send text-only emails (or HTML emails that *look like* text-only emails).
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    I had the same problem as a newbie which I still am and I found that I was so interesting to make a buck I never considered to offer value first and get my subscribers interested. So That is a start.
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    That doesn't sound right, 800 subs and 2 clicks?

    Where did you get these subscribers from?
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    I think you should be a little persistent and change the way you approach and reach the potential customers
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    why not give us a few examples of your headlines. and a sample email that you send out

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  • The low click rate may due to the responsiveness of your list, the effectiveness of your email and/or the attractiveness of your offer. You need to do some testing to find out the reason behind.
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    You mention email design and number of clickable links but you never talk about providing any value to your subscribers. What problems do they have that you're solving?
    Sounds like you're just pitching and have no idea what your subscribers want.
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    maybe emails are getting filtered and delivered into recipient Spam/Junk box? debug your deliverability. split test and see.

    Also you could be sending emails at the wrong time? Sending too much emails will hurt your campaign engagement.

    Craft a very good short subject lines to grab attention.
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    one reason that you are not getting enough through rate is your emails are not delivering to the inbox that delivering to spam.

    if this is the case then what I will recommend you just get an autoresponder called market Hero and they will help you to establish a lot of things and there deliverability is really good.

    And the other reason that you are not getting enough click through rate that you do not have a relation with your email list.

    To build realtion send them emails at least three to four times a week provide them valuable stuff.

    One more thing for not getting enough click through rate is your emails of promotion are not having good copywriting so that the people will be persuaded to click on the link.

    At last what I will say is send your list some valuable emails like 5 to 10 valuable emails change your autoresponder and if that list does not respond simply clean the list and start getting new email subscribers.
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