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Hello Everyone,

I'm very new to AM. I started a few days ago. I got a Clickbank offer that I'm confident in and set up a website. I had a few questions hopefully someone can help me with.

I'm confused about the landing page specifics. I hear a lot of people say that you need a landing page with good advertisements, but when I look at the Clickbank product page, there's a nice sales page there already. With that information, I have a few questions:
1) Should your landing page already have ads for the product and then direct them to the promotion page with more advertisements for the same product?
2) Should my landing page just be something where they click a button and then they go to the product advertising (affiliate link) page?

Currently, I have the second option and I'm purchasing traffic from multiple sources. I have about 150 clicks for these past two days, but no sales. My current page is

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I believe the idea is behind the user's feeling towards anything you may offer them. The traffic that comes to your site is considered "cold" and needs to be "warmed up" before you send them anywhere.

    The awesome sales page you're referring to is the product's warm-up stage that they've prepared. You will need to do some kind of warm-up before their warm-up(pre-warming). Without this step, you lose the opportunity to build some trust with the user, and that will result in less conversions.
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    • I want to say offer them more value for the same amount of money.
      Especially if you are promoting high converting offer and you are competing against top affiliates with big lists
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    For me bonuses are the way to get people warmed up. Let them know about the product but tell them about the exclusive bonuses that they can get through you. Sometimes people will buy a product just to get the bonuses. I know I have definitely done this myself. Make an offer they can't refuse before sending them to the sales page.
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